Enel X and the San Cristobal Polo and Equestrian Club sign agreement to move forward on energy efficiency and sustainability solutions

Published on Friday, 20 May 2022

  • The alliance looks to promote clean and efficient energy solutions in the sporting facilities of the San Cristobal Polo and Equestrian Club, tracing a path towards sustainable development in club's different branches.


Santiago, May 19, 2022.- With the goal of becoming the first sustainable sporting club in Chile in its discipline, the San Cristobal Polo and Equestrian Club signed a strategic alliance with Enel X, where both organizations assumed the commitment to implement energy solutions to begin the Club’s transition to sustainability. 

The new alliance was signed in the presence of Enel Chile CEO Fabrizio Barderi, Enel X Chile CEO Karla Zapata, and President of the Polo Club Francisco Varela, who highlighted the commitment to continue advancing towards sustainable development, considering the adverse environmental context at the local and international levels, where renewable energies are a key tool for fighting the climate crisis and water scarcity and for moving forward on flexible and efficient solar, light, water, and thermal power solutions and electromobility.

The CEO of Enel Chile, Fabrizio Barderi, says that “we have to address the challenges of the energy transition together, forming alliances like the one we are celebrating today, which will allow us to work harder towards the shared objective of contributing to sustainable development and improving Chileans’ quality of life.”

Meanwhile, Karla Zapata, CEO of Enel X Chile, states that “this is a new alliance with a high potential for development, and the first of its kind, where a single vision converges to achieve sustainability, in this case, of the Polo Club facilities, contributing to the decarbonization of its operations by incorporating renewable energy solution.”

In this regard, the President of the San Cristobal Polo and Equestrian Club, Francisco Varela, affirms that “paradigm shifts are always difficult, and require knowledge, experience, and above all, conviction. This is why Enel X is the best partner for this project. We were lucky for them to select us and give us the chance to sign this strategic alliance that will benefit us both.”

The activity was attended by the entire board of directors of the San Cristobal Polo Club and its top partners, as well as the key executives of the Enel Group in Chile, who sealed the commitment to promote electrification, sustainability, and energy efficiency in the sporting facilities, where Enel X has already implemented lighting solutions for the Davis Cup held at the Union Tennis Club in Viña del Mar; as well as in the organization of the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago; and made electric buses available for the transport of healthcare workers during the pandemic and health crisis.

About Enel X

Enel X is the global line of business of the Enel Group that offers services to accelerate innovation and drive the energy transition. Enel X, as a global leader in the advanced energy solutions sector, manages demand response services, with a total capacity of 6 GW and 124 MW of installed storage capacity around the world, as well as 175,000 charging stations for public and private e-vehicles available at the global level.

About the San Cristobal Polo and Equestrian Club

The San Cristobal Polo and Equestrian Club was inaugurated on December 21, 1947, with the goal of becoming a top-notch Club aimed at promoting and developing sporting, social, and family-oriented leisure events. During its 75-year history, it has witnessed countless sporting victories and has dedicated great care to its fields and facilities, allowing the San Cristobal Polo and Equestrian Club to gain a distinguished position at the national and international levels. Its headquarters is located in one of the top green areas of the Vitacura community in Santiago.