Enel X and the Concepcion Carriel Sur Airport inaugurate the first charging station for electric vehicles at the Regional air terminal

Published on Thursday, 28 October 2021

  • Within the framework of the implementation and launch of the “Enel X ElectroRuta” project, which will connect Chile from Arica to Punta Arenas through 1,200 charging stations, the new airport of the Bio-Bío capital has joined the innovation and sustainability initiative by incorporating e-mobility within its facilities.


Concepcion, October 28, 2021. - With the goal of covering over 50% of Chile’s charging station infrastructure demands for electric vehicles, the Enel X ElectroRuta project to install 1,200 e-vehicle charging stations between Arica and Punta Arenas, continues its deployment across the country.

Within this framework, and with the participation of the Undersecretary of Energy, Francisco Lopez, and the Presidential Delegate from the Biobío Region, Ignacio Fica Espinoza, Enel X and the Carriel Sur Airport of Concepcion installed the first charging station for electric vehicles at one of the region's air terminals, making it the first of its kind to incorporate e-mobility within its infrastructure. 

Through the installation of the new JuicePole charger, users can fully charge their electric vehicle at the Concepcion airport. This equipment offers 22kW of alternating current that can charge two e-vehicles at the same time. Users can also monitor the charging status on the LED screen of the charger kiosk.

Undersecretary of Energy, Francisco López, highlighted the initiative saying that, “Chile is second in the world in terms of the ratio of public access charging stations to electric vehicles available in the country. Today we have at least one charging station in each region. However, we have to keep expanding this network to reach all cities across the country. This will help accelerate the incorporation of e-mobility in Chile.”

“With the new electric or hybrid vehicle charging stations installed in the Carriel Sur Airport, we are not only promoting the use of clean energy, but we are also continuing to contribute to the environment, as our energy supply comes from renewable sources. This is how we continue to contribute and demonstrate our commitment to the community and to the environment,“ says Jaime Álamos, CEO of the Carriel Sur Airport concessions company.

The Enel X ElectroRuta project continues to be implemented throughout Chile for the purpose of connecting the country through e-mobility, installing charging stations in different formats according to energy supply needs. Today we've hit a new milestone, as the Concepcion Airport has become the first in the region to install electric vehicle charging station infrastructure, and we will continue to implement these stations at the different airports around the country,” affirms Orlando Meneses, Electromobility Manager for Enel X Chile.

The works on this new charging infrastructure, which include 3 double-connection stations in the Greater Concepción Area (Plaza España, municipality of San Pedro de la Paz, and the Airport), considered the underground channeling of over 135 linear meters of electricity lines from the main panel to the parking lot where the charger has been installed.

In line with the National Electromobility Strategy announced by the Government, which aims to take gas- and diesel-powered cars off the market by 2035, this charging station is part of a modernization project carried out by Sociedad Concesionaria Aeropuerto Carriel Sur. This charging station is the first public access charging station installed in a Chilean airport and adds to the more than 200 Enel X charging stations currently in operation.

To use the charging infrastructure, electric vehicle users must install the “JuicePass” app by Enel X on their mobile phones. With this, they can access and easily manage all charging services, accessing with a single click all the information they need to review the type of connectors, charging station power, and select among different profiles and pricing plans.

The Enel X ElectroRuta, which will connect Chile from Arica to Punta Arenas within 5 years, will require an initial investment of US$15 million, and an average of one charging station every 60 kilometers along the interstate and an extensive network of alternatives in the country's largest cities.

Estimated projection of charging stations for each region by 2025:

R. Metropolitana




Bio Bío








Los Lagos












Los Ríos




Arica y Parinacota  


Carlos Ibáñez



The Enel X plan is based on smart charging solutions and is aimed at meeting the clients’ different needs through technologies that enable vehicle battery charging at different speeds and in different places. These are modular, scalable, and turnkey solutions designed for individuals, companies, and institutions.

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Enel X is the global line of business of the Enel Group that offers services to accelerate innovation and drive the energy transition. Enel X, as a global leader in the advanced energy solutions sector, manages demand response services, with a total capacity of 6 GW and 124 MW of installed storage capacity around the world, as well as 175,000 charging stations for public and private e-vehicles available at the global level.