Volvo Cars and Enel X to install 100 public electric car chargers in Chile

Published on Wednesday, 4 August 2021

  • The Swedish brand has signed an alliance with Enel X Chile to install 50 double chargers in several regions in the country. Using JuiceBox technology, the chargers will allow charging to be monitored through the EV JuicePass App.
  • The initiative is part of "ElectroRuta Enel X," the most ambitious electromobility project in Latin America, including installing 1,200 charging points across the country. The program will allow electric vehicles to travel more than 5,000 kilometers north to south with continuously guaranteed autonomy.


Santiago, August 4, 2021 - Volvo Cars Chile and Enel X have signed a collaboration agreement to install 50 double electric car charging points (100 in total) to promote electric mobility, reduce urban contamination, and promoting environmental protection in general.

Enel X will be in charge of installing the devices at Volvo concessionaire premises in Santiago and other regions and at different public locations.

"We are very pleased to announce that as part of the "It's time to Recharge" campaign, we are taking a series of steps to promote the sale of electric vehicles in Chile. One of them is very much aligned with our DNA, as it seeks to make life easier for people by providing public and private charging infrastructure. This means installing chargers at our customers' homes and different public locations throughout the country with the support of Enel X.

In addition, it is essential to note that customers will be able to get access to special financing conditions - with preferential rates - when purchasing their new electrified Volvo", said Alfonso López, CEO of Volvo Cars Chile.

The chargers will feature JuiceBox technology, which can charge up to 22kW and allows the user to monitor the charge directly or through intelligent network optimization systems like the EV JuicePass App. This digital platform gives the user access to one of the largest public charging networks in the country and allows them to manage the charging of their electric vehicle, locate the nearest charger, reserve a charger, and monitor the charge level in real-time. The app is available for download to Android and iOS phones.

"The process of electrification of cities is also restructuring the automotive market worldwide. To respond to this new challenge, at Enel X, we have developed smart and innovative tailor-made solutions for electric vehicle charging to help our partners like Volvo Cars Chile meet their customers' needs. With that in mind, we plan to install 1,200 chargers by 2025, and this collaboration agreement is essential to continue making progress in decarbonizing transport and reducing pollution in our cities," said Karla Zapata, CEO of Enel X Chile.

Leadership in electromobility

This alliance fits with Volvo's goal to reduce its carbon footprint per vehicle by 40% by 2025, and for half of the cars, it sells to be fully electric and the other half to have some degree of electrification by the same year. The partnership will also help Volvo reach its goal of becoming 100% electric by 2030. Another of Volvo's ambitions is for its entire value chain to be carbon neutral by 2040, as stipulated in the targets set out in the Paris agreement.

Combined efforts to introduce electromobility in Chile have paved the way for Volvo to debut its new XC40 Recharge Plug-In Hybrid model, which kicked off the company's new electrified era under the "It's time to Recharge" campaign. The XC40 plug-in hybrid joined the full range of electrified vehicles available in Chile, making Volvo one of the brands with the most hybrid alternatives in the market's premium segment, including the XC60 and XC90 SUVs, as well as the S60 and S90 plug-in hybrid sedans.

In addition to installing 50 double charging points in Chile, every customer who purchases a Volvo plug-in hybrid vehicle will have a Juice Box smart home charger installed in their home. With these combined initiatives, Volvo ensures that drivers of its Plug-In Hybrid models can keep their batteries charged at all times and can travel anywhere with zero emissions.

ElectroRuta Enel X

Launched at the beginning of 2020, ElectroRuta Enel X is the most ambitious electromobility project in Latin America, contemplating installing 1,200 charging points across Chile by 2025. This will allow electric vehicle users to travel more than 5,000 kilometers with guaranteed autonomy from north to south. As part of this project, a total of 191 chargers have been installed to date in different country regions. By the end of 2021, Enel X plans to implement more than 140 new chargers.

Today there are around 1,000 electric cars in circulation in Chile, and that number is expected to reach 81,000 by 2025. By that year, ElectroRuta Enel X will cover more than 50% of the energy charging infrastructure required by electric cars, with an average of one charger per every 60 kilometers of Chilean roads.

The ElectroRuta plan, which is based on smart charging solutions, aims to meet the different customer needs by implementing various technologies that allow the vehicle's battery to be charged at different speeds and at various locations. These are modular, scalable, and turnkey solutions designed for individuals, companies, and institutions.

About Enel X

Enel X is Enel Group's global business line that accelerates innovation and drives the energy transition. The company is a worldwide leader in advanced energy solutions and demand response services. Enel X has about 6 GW of total capacity and 124 MW of installed storage capacity worldwide as well as some 175,000 charging points for public and privately owned electric vehicles across the globe.