Heating with air conditioning: energy saving and clean air for this winter

Published on Thursday, 10 June 2021

  • Samsung and Enel X provide advice and recommendations on the best way to heat your homes this winter at a lower cost and in a more flexible and efficient way.


Winter is coming and it's time to choose the best alternative to heat your home. The best option for you will depend on the size of the space you want to heat and the specific needs of those you live with. But today, more than ever, consumers are looking for energy efficiency, or the best balance between heat and low energy consumption.

All homes suffer from intra-household energy contamination, which filters in from outside. Nevertheless, the use of fuels like natural gas, liquefied gas and kerosene for domestic heating purposes, increases the rates of contamination with the home, often surpassing the levels of contamination “from the street”.

According to the Environment* Ministry’s Sustainable Heating Guide, currently the most economical options in terms of consumption are inverter split air-conditioners costing $18,849 pesos for an estimated 8 hours of daily use in a 57 m² house**. This is considerably more cost-effective than other options traditionally considered to be more economical, such as paraffin ($24,054) and liquified gas ($53,183), using the same parameters.

“Electricity is the only non-combustible energy source that does not contaminate inside or outside the house. It protects the environment and the health of children, adolescents and the elderly and provides clean and efficient heating at the best price,” said Claudio Candia, Enel X's manager for major business accounts.

More economical, clean and efficient

The use of low-contamination air conditioning systems in our homes has been gaining popularity during the pandemic as people have been spending long hours in their houses and are looking for ways to avoid respiratory illnesses and to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

Samsung air conditioners, which are sold through enelxstore.com,  have sophisticated functions for ensuring a healthy and comfortable environment. For example, the Triple Protection Filter***, reduces the spread of viruses, bacteria and airborne allergens and includes the exclusive Wind-Free technology, which cools down the environment without annoying bursts of air.

"Another great advantage of the latest air conditioners is their high density filters that catch more dust particles, microfibers and animal hairs," said Jorge Montenegro, head of air conditioning at Samsung Electronics Chile.

The versatility of the split air-conditioning systems is another market differentiator. They can be used all year-round, for heating in the winter and for cooling in the summer.

In addition, these product can be controlled directly using a Smartphone to regulate the temperature in your home or to monitor your energy consumption. They can also alert you to when you need to activate cleaning mode.


* Fuente: Guía de Calefacción Sustentable, MMA, Región Metropolitana, 2020

** Medición realizada durante mes de Julio en la Ciudad de Santiago

*** Disponibles en equipos de la gama Wind-Free