Enel X and Autoplanet start the first public charging points for electric vehicles in the automotive industry

Published on Wednesday, 9 June 2021

  • As part of this alliance, we installed the first four charging points in Autoplanet stores out of more than 30 planned for 2022, which will start in the Metropolitan Region and will later cover other regions of the country.


June 9, 2021.- Autoplanet, a Derco group company, and Enel X, Grupo Enel’s commercial business line focused on providing advanced energy solutions, announced a collaboration agreement to promote electromobility in the country. In its first stage, the plan is to install four charging points out of more than 30 planned for 2022, which will start in the Metropolitan Region and then extend to other regions. Derco is the first automotive company in the country to have public charging stations.

These four charging points are in two locations, at Autoplanet at Av. Las Condes 10462, Vitacura, and Av. Raúl Labbé 12931, in Lo Barnechea. The installed chargers are compatible with all vehicle models on the market, equipped with full smart grid integration, power adaptation, and mobile connectivity that enables remote control and maintenance.

The inauguration of these new charging points, held at Autoplanet on Av. Las Condes, was attended by the Undersecretary of Energy, Francisco López.

"As a country, we set out to be carbon neutral by 2050. What does this mean? To work on all fronts to reduce our carbon footprint and become more sustainable. One of them is electromobility, which will mean approximately 20% of our emissions reduction. We are grateful for Enel X's work and its contribution to the massification of electromobility in Chile. And also Autoplanet for having these chargers available in its stores, delivering this service closer to people while promoting electromobility", highlighted the Undersecretary of Energy.

Autoplanet's general manager, Luis Berguecio, said he was "pleased to deliver these charging points to the community together with Enel X.

Electromobility is one of our company's most essential pillars in sustainable advancement. We are determined to actively promote it for years to come and continue contributing to environment al care.

"The 'ElectroRuta Enel X' project continues its deployment throughout the country, intending to connect Chile through the installation of 1,200 electric charging stations. These first charging points installed in Autoplanet show our commitment to seek alliances that favor the massification of electric mobility. We want to contribute to environmental care and the decontamination of cities", explained Karla Zapata, general manager of Enel X Chile.

Users can charge their electric vehicle through Enel X's JuicePass App, available in almost 180 chargers, or through a card associated with the app's account. Currently, around 1,000 electric cars are circulating in Chile, a number projected to increase to 80,000 by 2025. The latter means that ElectroRuta Enel X will cover more than 50% of the energy charging infrastructure required by electric cars. It projects a charger every 60 kilometers on Chile's highways.

Autoplanet is the first and largest auto parts and accessories chain store in Chile, with 63 stores nationwide. It is part of the Derco group, which now has 15 stores in Santiago and four new regional stores. Derco has been marketing electric vehicles since 2014 and seeks to grow in the commercial, private, cargo, and passenger urban and intercity vehicle segments. It represents Renault in Chile, a pioneer in electromobility, whose product range includes Renault Kangoo ZE, the best-selling electric commercial vehicle in the last two years, both in Chile and the world. It expects to have the new generation of Renault ZOE in 2021. It also distributes JAC brand electric cars and trucks and Higer buses and minibusses.

ElectroRuta Enel X is the most ambitious electromobility project in Latin America. A project presented at the beginning of 2020 planning to install 1,200 charging points throughout Chile until 2025. It will make it possible to travel more than 5,000 kilometers from north to south, guaranteeing the autonomy and continuity of circulation of electric cars. As part of this project, 177 charging points have already been installed in different regions of Chile.

The alliance with Enel X is part of Derco's various initiatives to help care for the planet. The company received the quantification seal from the Ministry of the Environment's HuellaChile program in 2020.  In anticipation of the REP Law, it created Ecovalor in 2012 to collect and recycle thousands of tons of used car batteries, tires, and lubricants nationwide. Its distribution center has also had a waste collection and recycling program in place since 2007. In addition, it seeks to advance in non-conventional renewable energies (NCRE) in its facilities and reduce water consumption in its operations.