Enel X and Globalvía inaugurate first electric charger on route 5 North joining Santiago and Los Vilos

Published on Tuesday, 10 November 2020

  • This new infrastructure marks another milestone for electromobility in Chile by massifying the charging points for electric cars on concessioned highways.
  • The initiative is part of the “Enel X ElectroRoute”, the most ambitious electromobility project in Latin America, which includes the installation of 1,200 charging points throughout Chile that will allow traveling more than 5,000 kilometers, from north to south, with an electric charging station every 60 kilometers.


Santiago, November 10, 2020 –  Traveling by electric vehicle from Santiago to northern Chile is already possible, thanks to the collaboration agreement between Enel X and Globalvia Autopista del Aconcagua, which manages the Santiago - Los Vilos highway segment. The first fast charging point for electric cars was inaugurated in the Lampa building, located at KM 26 on Route 5 North.

This is the first charger out of a total of 4 multi-standard AC and DC charging stations of up to 50 kW that will be installed in general service areas on the Route 5 concession, Santiago - Los Vilos segment.

This activity is part of the “Enel X ElectroRoute,” the most ambitious electromobility project in Latin America, which the company announced at the beginning of this year, and which includes the installation of 1,200 charging points throughout Chile that will allow driving more than 5,000 kilometers, from North to South, guaranteeing the autonomy and continuity of circulation of electric cars.

By 2026 it is estimated that there will be more than 81,000 electric vehicles in Chile. In this way, ElectroRuta Enel X will cover more than 50% of the energy charging infrastructure required by these cars, projecting one charger every 60 kilometers for Chile’s highways.

“The massification of electric mobility is a countrywide commitment, and at Enel X we are the leaders in this challenge, inviting different brands, institutions, and industries, both from the public and private sectors, to create alliances that allow us to work together on decarbonization of transport and decontamination of our cities. Thanks to this, we will continue to deliver the necessary electrical infrastructure by increasing the charging points with the installation plan of 1,200 chargers in the next 5 years, so this collaboration agreement with Globalvia Autopista del Aconcagua is essential to continue making progress,” said Karla Zapata,  Enel X Chile’s CEO.

In turn, Jorge Rivas, director of Autopistas Latam Globalvia, explained that “this public charging infrastructure is a great advance for those who are thinking of taking the leap to electro-mobility and we are sure that many public infrastructure operators will follow this path."

The service to electric car users that connect to the roadside facilities shall be free of charge during the first year of operation; as of the second year, it will be paid through the Enel X JuicePass application.


A JuicePump is a multi-standard AC and DC charging station of up to 50 kW, equipped with complete smart grid integration, power adaptation, and mobile connectivity that allows remote control and maintenance. Compatible with the main loading standards for vehicles currently on the market. Capable of charging a vehicle in approximately 35 minutes.

It is worth mentioning that Enel X's plan, which is based on smart charging solutions, aims to meet the different needs of customers through the implementation of various technologies that allow the vehicle's battery to be charged at different speeds and in different places. These are modular, scalable, and turnkey solutions designed for individuals, companies, and institutions.