Enel X will connect Chile from Arica to Punta Arenas with 1200 charging stations for electric cars

Published on Friday, 17 January 2020

  • The first national electric route will be completed in 2024 and will cover over 50% of the necessary charging infrastructure for the more than 81,000 electric cars projected to exist in Chile by that date.
  • There will be a charging station every 60 kilometers along interstates and a number of alternatives in cities thanks to the alliance signed with the automotive, retail, real estate, hotel and industrial companies, as well as the public offices and academic institutions that will offer this service.


Santiago, January 17, 2020 – Today, Enel X introduced the first national electric route that will connect Chile from Arica to Punta Arenas with the installation of 1200 charging stations and over 1800 connections for electric vehicles. The route is called the “ElectroRuta Enel X,” and is the most ambitious electromobility project in Latin America, which will allow drivers to cover over 5000 kilometers from north to south, guaranteeing the autonomy and continued circulation of electric cars.

“We are moving towards a cleaner and more sustainable generation matrix and towards an increasing and more efficient daily use of electric energy. Along this strategic path, electromobility is a key pillar for reducing city pollution and improving the quality of life of all of its inhabitants,” explains Paolo Pallotti, CEO of Enel Chile.

By the year 2024, it is estimated that there will be over 81,000 electric vehicles in Chile. The ElectroRuta Enel X will cover over 50% of the energy charging infrastructure needs for these cars. Along highways, this will provide for an average of one charging station every 60 kilometers and a wide network of alternatives in big cities across the country. This first national electric route will require an initial investment of US$ 15 million.

Electromobility Agreement

The initiative's presentation included the presence of Ministry of Energy, Juan Carlos Jobet, and concluded with the signing of the “Electromobility Commitment” agreement, in which Enel X and its partners agreed to install electric car charging stations at their own facilities. Those signing the agreement include automotive, retail, real estate, hotel and industrial companies, as well as academic institutions that support this initiative. This is an unprecedented public-private effort to expand electromobility in Chile.

“With the understanding that the expansion of electromobility is a national commitment, we at Enel X have assumed a leading role in this challenge, inviting different brands, institutions and industries to join the collaborative agreement, between both the public and private sectors, to decarbonize transport and decontaminate our cities,” affirms Karla Zapata, CEO of Enel X Chile.

The first phase of implementation of the new charging stations began in 2019 in the Metropolitan Region, where the highest demand is concentrated, and continued with some southern cities like Concepción, Temuco and Chillán, as well as the road between Santiago and Los Vilos, along Route 5 North.

The Enel X Plan is based on smart charging solutions and is aimed at meeting the clients’ different needs through technologies that enable vehicle battery charging at different speeds and in different places. These are modular, scalable and turn-key solutions designed for private individuals, companies and institutions, and includes fast charging stations of 22kW, multi-standard charging stations of 50kW and ultra-fast charging stations of 350kW.

The types of chargers established for the plan are:

  • JuiceBox: for charges up to 22kW, to be installed in different malls, strip centers, supermarkets, parking lots.
  • JuicePole: two charging outlets of 22kW, to be installed in public spaces like city squares, airports, hospitals and parking lots.
  • JuicePump: multi-standard charging station with three types of connectors and charges up to 50kW, to be installed at strategic points for fast charges, for example, along interstates.
  • Enel X Station: ultra-fast charging station with 4 chargers of up to 350kW.


For a car with a charging capacity of 40kWh, the fastest charger (Enel X Station) takes 10 minutes to full charge (from 0 to 100%).

Companies and institutions signing the “Electromobility Commitment” agreement

Nissan, Andes Motor; Kaufman, BMW, ALD, Agencias de Sostenibilidad Energética, Amech, Asimet, BYD, McDonald’s, Centro de Energía UC, DUOC, Enjoy, Europcar, GlobalVia, Hotel Intercontinental, Hotel Mandarín Oriental (former Hyatt), Hotel Nodo, Hotel Sheraton, Sodimac, Parque Arauco, Collahuasi, Echeverría Izquierdo, Universidad Federico Santa Maria, Vivipra and Mitsubishi.