Enel X and government authorities present the first electric bus for the Antofagasta Region, which will offer free rides as a community service

Published on Friday, 24 May 2019

  • The electric bus for public transportation that will circulate through Antofagasta, made by BYD, has no impact concerning polluting emissions and additionally it is cheaper to operate. Its cost per kilometer is CLP 70, versus the CLP 300 that the conventional diesel bus costs per kilometer.
  • The new electric bus shall ride through different points in the city, testing the technology for future use in the formal public transportation operating in Antofagasta, benefitting the city’s inhabitants and contributing to the care of the environment.

Antofagasta, May 24th, 2019 – The inhabitants of Antofagasta shall begin to live through the experience of electric mobility on their own.  This morning, Enel X along with the regional Intendancies, presented the first 100% electric bus for public transportation in the Region of Antofagasta, which shall run through different points of the city, where people will have the possibility of moving in a means of transportation with nonpolluting and environmentally friendly technology.

The activity that took place in front of the Regional Intendancy, an emblematic site of the city, included the presence of the Antofagasta Municipal Manager,  Mr. Marco Antonio Díaz; Claudio Inzunza, Business, Enterprise and Government manager for Enel X; Tamara Berríos, country manager for BYD Chile; Mauricio Funes; National manager for Electric Mobility for the Ministry of Transportation; the  Seremi for Energy, Aldo Erazo and Álvaro Restuccia,  Vice Chancellor for Research and Postgraduate Studies of the Universidad de Antofagasta (UA).

The first electric bus arriving to the region is manufactured by BYD and its objective shall be focused on providing community service, since it will be aimed mainly for the use of senior adults, making totally free rides available for these neighbors of Antofagasta.  At the same time, during night rides, the bus is considered to offer approaching rides from the Coloso Campus of the UA to the Parque Japonés, helping students returning home.

This modern bus, that includes amenities such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi and charging points for mobile devices, arrived to the region of Antofagasta thanks to the efforts by the Energy Seremi, that coordinated a public – private task and the academy between Enel X company and the Universidad de Antofagasta, resulting in the beginning of public electric mobility in the Region of Antofagasta.

In respect to this, the Antofagasta Municipal Manager, Marco Antonio Díaz, pointed out that “with this launch we are beginning a new era. Not only are we searching for greater comfort for the passengers when we talk about improving public transportation, our goal is also for the environment to be benefitted through the improvements we are carrying out with the new technologies we are implementing, it is a commitment by the President, Sebastián Piñera and it is our commitment as government in every field.  This is the true path towards development, having been implemented in other countries and that today has become reality in Antofagasta”.

In this sense, the regional Energy title holder highlighted the importance of giving the initial kickoff to electric mobility in the region, pointing out that “electro mobility arrived to stay in our region and country, it is a Government decision by our President, Sebastián Piñera, through the 2018-2022 Energy Route, for increasing at least 10 times the number of electric vehicles during the four years of this government, this is why it is important to generate this type of alliances with companies such as Enel X and the academy, such as the UA, which enable us to take these first steps and to progress in these pilot programs such as these aimed at carrying out significant studies related to the location of the charging points; the infrastructure required by the city; batteries; autonomy; routes, among others, which contribute towards projecting the development of electro mobility and technology in the city”. 

The charging point for the bus or “Charging Facility” (“Electrolinera”) shall be installed in the Universidad de Antofagasta, in a way such that it may also be used for academic purposes, Enel X Chile is working to guarantee that electric mobility comes accompanied by an adequate efficient and intelligent infrastructure, incorporating a system for charging management. Within the national plan for charging infrastructure, 60 charging points are considered for the Region of Antofagasta, which will be displayed in different points of the city and its main access routes.

“We wish to be part of the solution in relevant issues such as decontamination of the cities, decidedly driving electric mobility in Chile, based upon clean energy, at a lower comparative price regarding other fuels.  Today we have made available to the authorities of the Region of Antofagasta our experience and infrastructure towards the startup of the first electric bus in the second region, with the goal that its inhabitants may live through the experience of moving in a 100% clean, efficient and emissions free means of transportation”, explained Claudio Inzunza, Business, Companies and Government Manager for Enel X.

“As BYD we continue advancing in the electric mobility crusade in Chile. We are sure that this path started hand in hand with Enel 5 years ago, will enable our cities to have cleaner air and a transportation system to be proud of. We hope that with this initiative, Antofagasta may lead this technological revolution in the north of Chile”, stated Tamara Berríos, BYD Chile Country Manager.

Enel X has become the main driver of electric mobility in Chile, based upon a 100% clean energy, with a lower price in comparison with the other fuels, in addition to being a real solution towards contributing to decontamination of the cities in the country.

Enel X expects to consolidate its presence in the Region of Antofagasta. This is why the incorporation of this electric bus and its corresponding charging infrastructure enable testing the technology, in order to increase the number of electric buses in the region, providing a social and environmental benefit to its inhabitants.

Operation of the 100% electric bus

The electric bus circulating through Antofagasta is manufactured by BYD, and it has no impact concerning polluting emissions and additionally constitutes a more economical alternative in its operation.

Its operational costs are 70% lower in respect to conventional diesel buses, due to the reduction in oil and parts.  To this may be added the low cost per kilometer, down to 70 pesos, versus the 300 pesos that the diesel bus costs per kilometer.

Another relevant advantage for the users is the low noise level, both inside the bus as well as in its displacements, being traffic friendly in highly populated areas.

Additionally, its 70 KW charger is able to charge the bus from 0% to 100% in 4 hours, and it may traverse 250 kilometers with a 100% charge.

Network of Charging Facilities (“Electrolineras”)

In order for electric mobility to become a reality, the necessary electric power infrastructure is required, for providing energy to these vehicles, which operates in fast or slow formats, both public and private.  Currently there are approximately 60 public recharging stations (electrolineras) in different areas of the country. https://www.enelx.com/cl/es/movilidad-electrica/mapa-puntos-de-carga