Enel X provides energy to the Formula E electric race cars with new superchargers

Published on Saturday, 26 January 2019

  • The Company’s role in the third version of the race is key, since it brings to Chile the special "JuicePump” Formula E edition of superchargers, capable of charging the second generation electric cars seven times more quickly than conventional chargers currently in the Chilean market.


Santiago, January 26, 2019 -   The latest version of the Formula E race competing today at Parque O'Higgins in Santiago, has several novelties. The eleven teams, many of which will have new drivers, will run a new 2.4 km circuit. The race includes new rules this season and the second generation of electric cars, the Gen2, are being inaugurated in Chile, with a renewed design and with batteries that last the entire race, thanks to their doubled capacity. And to optimize the use of these batteries, Enel X provided the JuicePump FormulaE edition superchargers, especially designed for this competition.

As Official Power Partner and Official Smart Charging Partner of the Formula E, Enel X equipped the race with state-of-the-art technology, as well as the products and services necessary to charge the vehicles with the highest efficiency. The JuicePump Formula E edition superchargers have a maximum power of 80 kW, sufficient to fully charge the new batteries in the stipulated time required by technical regulation. In addition, the JuicePump Formula E superchargers are extra light, less than 200 kg, and are also very compact, which facilitates their transport from one race to another.

Along this line, Enel Chile’s CEO, Paolo Pallotti, stressed that electricity allows to promote innovative ideas and new technologies. "Enel is an active promoter of incorporating new technologies and Formula E is the ideal space to test the innovations that come about, either in the must faster superchargers, or in the modern lighting that incorporates a charging point and that could be found on Chile’s streets in the future. All this aims to deliver a real contribution to the entire community, with technology increasingly friendly with the environment and with benefits that translate into a better quality of life for people," indicated the executive.

Time is everything.  Each team in competition will have two JuicePump Formula E edition superchargers, one for each car. The fast charge technology for electric batteries that Enel X is implementing in the Formula E, makes this process more efficient, taking about one hour to fully charge the batteries, which is radically less than the five hours necessary with the previous technology used in the race and seven times less than the conventional chargers currently present in the Chilean market.

Enel X provided all this equipment to the McLaren firm for the Formula E championship. The charging sessions will take place between the free practice 1, free practice 2, qualification, and race stages.

The JuicePump Formula E edition superchargers integrate charging technology and the experience that Enel X already applies in conventional direct current chargers (the JuicePump) with aeronautical and motorsport technologies, to adapt the chargers to the needs of electric racing cars competing in the race. The JuicePump for conventional electric cars allows charging 80% of the battery in only 25 minutes (since the conventional car battery is smaller than those of the Formula E), so it signifies a high efficiency technology and provides greater comfort to the user, in relation to the time spent in this process.

Intelligent lighting

In the framework of the Formula E race in Santiago, Enel X will present the new innovations that can be implemented in public lighting, with Juice Lamp equipment that has a charging system for cars and other devices. This technology is designed in an integrated information system, where the new lighting post -Juice Lamp- is an apparatus that provides information to the Smart City, and has an innovative remote operation system and adaptive programs in real lighting time.  In addition, it has technology and software that provides information on traffic of vehicles and pedestrians, level of traffic, and the measurement of variables such as the percentage of natural light.