World Electric Vehicle Day: Zero- and low-emissions cars post record registrations in August 2023

Published on Thursday, 7 September 2023

World Electric Vehicle Day 2023
  • Parque Arauco, Enel X Way, and ANAC led the activity that took place at Green Park in Parque Arauco Kennedy, the largest electric vehicle charging center in Latin America. The event also included the participation of Minister of Energy, Diego Pardow.


Santiago, September 7, 2023.- As part of the commemoration of World Electric Vehicle Day, Parque Arauco S.A, along with Enel X Way and the National Automotive Association of Chile (ANAC), held the event titled “World Electric Vehicle Day: An Overview of the Market in Chile” at Green Park in Parque Arauco Kennedy.

The event included the presentation of the results of a monthly report on sales of zero-emission and low-emission vehicles in our country, as well as an analysis of projections for the EV market, and the unveiling of a map of charging points available throughout the country.

The monthly study prepared by ANAC notes that the registration of these types of vehicles saw unprecedented figures in August 2023. Specifically, self-propelled hybrid models (HEVs) posted 612 units registered, reflecting a 247% growth over the same period of the previous year. Meanwhile, plug-in hybrid models (PHEVs) also showed increasing numbers, with 73 registrations and an 87% monthly increase. On the other hand, 100% electric models (BEV) saw 81 units sold, with a cumulative total of 887 registered units, translating to an 8.3% growth, the best result achieved so far.

The report also reveals that, according to a segment analysis, consolidated results continue to be positive in the national market, with pickup trucks increasing by 371%, SUVs by 150%, commercial vehicles by 11%, and passenger vehicles by 36%.

In terms of projections, it is expected that by the end of 2023, the total sales of electric vehicles (plug-in, including EV and PHEV combined) will reach 0.6%; hitting 1.3% for the year 2024. In this regard, the Secretary-General of ANAC, Diego Mendoza, noted that “in Chile, we have a fleet of 4,610 EVs, including 100% electric and plug-in hybrids.” Our industry's goal, which we have dubbed the 5/5, is to achieve a 5% market share with exclusively electric vehicles by 2025. Currently, we are at 0.55% of total sales with EVs, which is still a low figure, but it is increasing - in a general context of decreasing sales in the internal combustion engine market - which is positive. However, to meet the 5/5 goals and popularize this type of technology, we need to make an effort in offering additional incentives focused on the user.”

In this scenario, and as part of its commitment to implementing multiple initiatives aimed at promoting the use of renewable energy and sustainability, in March 2023, Parque Arauco, in partnership with Enel X Way, inaugurated the Green Park space in the -1 and -2 parking levels of Parque Arauco Kennedy. This site has positioned itself as the largest charging station for electric vehicles in Latin America, with 170 charging points. To date, over 500 different electric vehicles have used this facility, with an average of over 2,200 charging sessions performed and an average usage time of approximately 2.4 hours. The vehicles that have used Green Park have traveled over 37,000 kilometers per month, equivalent to a monthly savings of more than 8,600 kg of CO2, or 8.6 tons. All of this has translated into a significant advancement in the company's decarbonization agenda, which aims to promote the use of zero- and low-emission vehicles around its shopping centers.

Andrés Torrealba, CEO of Parque Arauco División Chile, states that: “As a company, we are continuously working to develop initiatives that are aligned with our corporate sustainability strategy, with the goal of contributing to the protection of the environment and the decarbonization of the planet. One example of this was the inauguration of Green Park, which has positioned us as pioneers in the field and is part of an ongoing assessment to replicate such initiatives in other assets in the short and medium term. Our hope is that more people will gradually adopt the use of these types of vehicles, and the invitation is for more users to come and charge at our charging center.”

At the event, Enel X Way presented an updated map showcasing the development of electric charging points throughout Chile. It noted that the company currently has 450 public charging points installed throughout the country. According to studies by the International Energy Agency, this positions Chile as one of the countries with the highest charger-to-electric-vehicle ratio on the streets.

In this regard, its Electric Mobility Manager for Latin America, Jean Paul Zalaquett, mentioned that “electromobility is progressing and strengthening in all areas of transportation, as well as in industries that are increasingly embracing its uses and benefits. The mission of Enel X Way is to facilitate, foster, and accelerate this conversion, putting Chile at the forefront to lead the region in its transition to sustainable development. On World Electric Vehicle Day, we are pleased to announce to Chile and the world that today, the Carretera Austral has 17 EV chargers provided by Enel X Way for residents and their visitors.”

The event also featured the Chilean Minister of Energy, Diego Pardow, who elaborated on the Roadmap for the Advancement of Electromobility in Chile, recently presented by the Government. In this regard, he stated that: “Our work is focusing on the electrification of public transportation and SMEs, which are the areas where fiscal expenditure yields the greatest return. We also need to advance in providing incentives for residential customers. Furthermore, in a country where the export of used vehicles is not common, this also presents a logistical challenge because we do not want the introduction of new electric vehicles to result in an overall increase in the number of vehicles on the road.

About Parque Arauco

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Enel X Way is Enel Group’s new company entirely dedicated to e-mobility. Enel X Way currently operates in 16 countries and manages around 380,000 charging stations, with interoperability agreements active throughout the world. As a global platform for e-mobility, Enel X Way focuses on the development of technologies and flexible charging solutions to improve customer experience, enabling the electrification of transport for consumers, companies, cities, and public administrations.

About the National Automotive Association of Chile (ANAC)

ANAC A.G. is the trade association that brings together the importer and representative brands in Chile of cars, buses, trucks, and machinery. It currently represents over 1,800 models and versions from 28 different origins, positioning the national sector as the most competitive in the world. In its actions, the association is guided by five pillars of action: the sustainable development of the automotive sector, promoting public policies related to emissions, safety, and the circular economy, promoting corporate social responsibility, and being the main source of information for the industry in Chile.