Uber Green: The fully electric ride option comes to Chile

Published on Monday, 17 April 2023

Uber Green: Llega a Chile la opción de viajes en autos 100% eléctricos
  • Chile is the first country in Latin America to have this category, allowing Uber users in Santiago to request trips in zero-emissions vehicles.
  • This launch is made possible thanks to an innovative strategic alliance model with Tucar, Enel X Way, Inversiones Security, and SQM, with a total investment of US$ 25 million.


Santiago, April 13, 2023- Thanks to a unique private-sector alliance model, Chile is now the first country in Latin America and the 14th in the world to offer the Uber Green trip option, allowing rideshare app users to ride in low-emissions or 100% electric vehicles. With this new option, the technology company inches closer to its goal of becoming a zero-emissions platform around the world by 2040.

The launch of this new trip category was made possible thanks to a strategic alliance between Uber and five partners: Enel X Way, Kia, Inversiones Security, SQM, and Tucar, making electric cars available to Uber drivers through affordable and competitively-priced rentals in comparison to gas-powered cars. This alliance implied a joint investment of US$25 million to propel electromobility in Chile.

The Uber Green launch event included the attendance of Vitacura Mayor, Camila Merirno, and the U.S. Ambassador in Chile, Bernadette Meehan. “As countries look to find ways to mitigate the environmental impact of fast growth and development, U.S. companies like Uber can leverage their knowledge and experience to offer the necessary innovations. I congratulate you today for your leadership and the example you have set by prioritizing the reduction of climate emissions,” says Meehan.

During this first phase, Uber Green will be available with over 250 cars in seven communities of Santiago: Las Condes, Providencia, Ñuñoa, Santiago Centro, Lo Barnechea, La Reina, and Vitacura.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Uber in Chile, Federico Prada, reaffirms Uber's commitment to sustainability over the next two decades and celebrates the path that Chile is beginning to lead today. “This is a milestone in the acceleration of electromobility in Latin America now that Uber Green has arrived with a unique implementation model that can be imitated by other countries in terms of access to electric vehicles for our drivers and the development of local infrastructure,” he explains.

The alliance model that allowed for the launch of Uber Green in Chile started in 2020, when the Chilean startup Tucar created plans to rent vehicles specially designed for Uber drivers. Then, in 2021, Enel X Way committed to providing a network of charging stations across the Metropolitan Region, while in 2022, Inversiones Security and Kia created the first Latin American fund to accelerate electromobility. SQM joined the others with a sponsorship model to facilitate rental prices for these cars similar to those for regular gas-powered cars.

To request a trip under this new category, users must enter the app on their phone from any of the communities where the service is active, entering the start and end addresses, and selecting the “Uber Green” option. The prices will be similar to UberX trips, though in some cases they may be slightly higher as the cars are newer and offer greater comfort.