Enel X Way and Volvo Cars inaugurate the first public charging point in Pichilemu and commit to a further 100 throughout the country

Published on Thursday, 13 October 2022

  • Volvo Cars Chile and Enel X Way join forces to install 100 charging points for electrified cars throughout the country (plug-in and electric hybrids) and Pichilemu. The alliance seeks to promote electromobility in Chile.


Pichilemu October 13, 2022. Enel X Way and Volvo Cars Chile inaugurated the first public charging point in Pichilemu at the Espacio W.M. Club gym this Thursday. Enel X Way and Volvo partnership will also allow Pichilemu to be better prepared to receive visitors coming to Chile’s surfing capital with a view to the 2023 Pan American Games.

Sources within the alliance said the charger installed has JuiceBox technology, which makes it possible to monitor the charge directly or through the JuicePass app available for Android and iOS. Each charging point has two output cables, simultaneously charging two vehicles. The plug type has a public charging cable compatible with any vehicle, regardless of the car’s charger type.

"Partnerships like the one with Volvo Cars Chile help expand our network of chargers nationwide for public use. Today we are in Pichilemu, another step along our path to connect Chile with electric chargers. We are taking concrete steps to speed up the transition to more sustainable mobility,” explained Andrés Pizarro, Commercial Manager of Enel X Way Chile.

The alliance between the companies seeks to promote electromobility in Chile. In addition to the installation in Pichilemu, Volvo Cars Chile and Enel X Way have committed to building 100 EV charging points all over the country (plug-in and electric hybrids). The devices will be located at Volvo dealerships in Santiago and other regions and various public places throughout the country.

Volvo hopes to be a 100% electric vehicle company in 2030 and aims for carbon neutrality by 2040.

“As Volvo Cars Chile, we are delighted to continue expanding the public charging network with Enel X Way. This new milestone allows us to progress in line with our local electromobility strategy and the global objective of becoming a 100% electric company in 2030. Also, to continue to strengthen the links that help us promote personal, sustainable, and safe mobility”, assured Rodrigo Espinoza, Manager of Volvo Cars Chile.

Through the free JuicePass downloadable app, users can interact with the smart charging platform, making for easy use and payment, thus achieving complete control of the charging experience.

About Enel X Way

Enel X Way is the new branch of the Enel Group dedicated entirely to electric mobility. Enel X Way currently operates in 16 countries and manages over 380,000 recharging points through interoperability agreements in force worldwide. As a global platform for electric mobility, Enel X Way focuses on developing flexible charging technologies and solutions to improve the customer experience, enabling the electrification of transport for consumers, companies, cities, and public administrations.