Enel Transmisión reports change in general management

Published on Friday, 6 May 2022

Santiago, May 6, 2022. In an extraordinary session, Enel Distribución's Board of Directors informed that it accepted the resignation presented by Ramón Castañeda Ponce as General Manager. The resignation will be effective as of May 16.

The Board of Directors is grateful for Ramón Castañeda's work with Enel Transmisión, which started in January 2021. The Board praises his contribution to the company's digitalization and occupational safety program. His efforts resulted in an incident-free operation from 2019-to 2021.

In the same session today, the Board of Directors appointed Víctor Tavera Olivos, as the company's new general manager as of May 16.

Victor Tavera is a civil electrical engineer from Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María and has more than twenty years of experience in the energy sector. In 2005 he joined Chilectra (now Enel Distribución Chile) as Regional Regulation and Risk Analyst and had held various positions with local and regional responsibility. In 2017, he was appointed Manager of Mercado Chile, heading the Enel Distribucion's Energy Commercialization, Commercial Operations, and Customer Service.