Enel Green Power Chile begins commercial operations of the new wind power park in southern Chile

Published on Monday, 28 August 2023

Operación comercial Renaico
  • The Renaico II wind power project, after passing all tests to ensure its correct operation in terms of both safety and performance, received authorization from the National Electric Coordinator to begin its commercial operations.
  • With this authorization, Renaico II, located in the Araucanía Region and which has a net installed capacity of 144 MW, will generate around 516 GWh per year of 100% clean energy to be injected in the National Electric System.


Araucanía, August 28, 2023. – Enel Chile, through its subsidiary for the development of renewable energies, Enel Green Power Chile, received official authorization from the National Electric Coordinator to begin the commercial operation of its Renaico II wind power park, a 100% renewable generation unit that, upon successfully passing all operations and safety testing, and with a net installed capacity of 144 MW, will begin to inject clean energy into the National Electric System.

The construction of Renaico II included the installation of 32 wind power generators with 4.5 MW of power each. These latest-generation units for the development of wind power parks allow for greater uptake of the wind profile available in the area where the project is located.

Thanks to its net installed capacity and the cutting-edge wind power technology used in its construction, Renaico II is expected to produce around 516 GWh of 100% clean energy for the National Electric System each year. This generation will help supply electricity to over 220,000 Chilean homes, while avoiding 407,000 tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

During the peak of its construction, the project had a workforce of over 524 people, mostly from the Araucanía Region itself, thus promoting the incorporation of local labor, their training, and the creation of shared value in the region.

This initiative, led by the on-site Enel Sustainability team, was carried out in coordination with the Municipal Office of Labor Information (OMIL) and the local neighborhood associations. At the same time, it forged ties with the Renaico Chamber of Commerce (CCR) to hire local services, strengthen the economy, and develop small businesses in the town.

Enel Green Power Chile is a subsidiary of Enel Chile, leader in the country's renewable energy market, with a diversified portfolio that, as of March 31, 2023, includes wind power (715 MW), solar power (2,043 MW), hydropower (92 MW), and geothermal power (83 MW), for a total net installed capacity of 2,933 MW.