Enel Green Power Chile launched its first renewable project in a Small Distributed Generation format within the Metropolitan Region

Published on Monday, 23 January 2023

  • The La Colonia solar farm, with an installed capacity of 10.8 MW and located in the Buin district, is Enel Green Power Chile's first renewable generation plant in the Metropolitan Region in the form of a Small Means of Distributed Generation (PMGD).
  • To date, EGP's PMGD portfolio consists of 17 projects, of which nine are already connected and eight are under construction, totaling 83 MW. Over the next few years, Enel Green Power and IM2 Solar plan to continue growing in this segment.


Buin, January 23, 2023 – Enel Green Power Chile, a subsidiary of Enel Chile and a national leader in the development of renewable energies, inaugurated the La Colonia photovoltaic park, its first PMGD in the Metropolitan Region. The plant, located in the municipality of Buin, reinforces the company's strategy to bring this type of renewable generation plant closer to large consumption centers and continue promoting and leading the Energy Transition process towards a matrix based on clean sources.

"Bringing renewable energy closer to large consumption centers and thus to people efficiently and equitably is one of the main reasons that prompted us to enter the segment of Small Means of Distributed Generation. This format provides greater flexibility in construction, connection to distribution networks, and space. Since they are smaller, they consider using more limited areas. We are happy to be able to launch this new plant, which marks a milestone in terms of our presence with this type of project in the Metropolitan Region. It allows us to continue promoting and leading the Energy Transition process in which Chile finds itself", said Fabrizio Barderi, general manager of Enel Chile.

This new 100% clean energy generation plant required an investment of US$7.7 million and has an installed capacity of 10.8 MW. Through this new solar park, Enel Green Power intends to generate 23,550 MWh annually, an energy that could supply around 10,000 Chilean homes.

"Renewable energies reflect Chile's potential in terms of high radiation and the benefits it brings for the development of solar photovoltaic energy. As Im2 Solar, we are delighted with our joint work with our strategic partner Enel. We have complemented each other's experiences in both sectors, always in the direction of NCRE growth, mainly in the PMGD segment. This major milestone at Parque La Colonia reflects our dedication to this project and to the others we have already built and are now feeding into the grid. We will continue to deliver our know-how in the next solar parks, being even more ambitious, challenging, and long-term.”, said Pablo Maestri, Im2 Solar Chile CEO.

For the development and construction of La Colonia, 23,490 photovoltaic panels of 460 Wp each were installed. The photovoltaic modules used are of the bifacial type, a state-of-the-art solar generation technology that allows greater efficiency in capturing solar radiation by using both sides of the panel.

Along with the above, and also in line with the search for greater efficiency, the project considered installing "tracker" systems. This tracking technology allows for more significant generations over more extended periods, thanks to the fact that they follow the sun during the day.


Enel Green Power Chile, a subsidiary of Enel Chile, is a leader in the renewable energy market in the country, with a diversified portfolio that includes wind (564 MW), solar (1,537 MW), hydroelectric (92 MW), and geothermal (81 MW).

Im2 Solar Chile, a multinational company born in Spain in 2003 and LATAM in 2012, is the leader in the Small Means of Distributed Generation (PMGD) segment and is currently part of the Madrid Stock Exchange. The company is dedicated to producing, developing, constructing, operating, and maintaining photovoltaic solar energy projects.