Enel Green Power and IM2 Solar continue the development of PMGD solar parks to provide clean energy in the center of the country

Published on Monday, 20 June 2022

  • Enel Green Power and IM2 Solar continue to hit essential milestones in developing small distributed generation solar parks (PMGD) to operate between the Metropolitan and Maule Regions.


Santiago, June 20, 2022 - Enel Green Power Chile, with IM2 Solar Chile, a leading company in the small distributed generation (PMGD) segment, commenced the construction of five solar parks in different locations in Chile, including the Metropolitan and Maule Regions.

As part of the first portfolio of eleven small distributed generation projects (PMGD), there are currently four solar parks connected, with another five under construction, including Rinconada de Alcones and La Colonia of 10.5 MWp each, Coinco and El Sharon, both with 3 MWp, and Don Rodrigo with 5.4 MWp. Meanwhile, the last two parks, Cabimas and Pataguas, both of 10 MWp, are awaiting permits to commence worksite installations and thus continue with their implementation.

“We continue advancing in the development of more small distributed generation projects within national territory because we understand the relevance that this type of renewable project has in improving the flexibility and resilience of the system and moving towards an energy generation matrix based on clean sources. That is what convinced us to continue promoting the PMGD segment within the country and, above all, focus on the contribution that they can make to the process of decarbonization and national energy transition”, said Andrés Assar, Coordinator of Renewable Business at Enel Green Power Chile.

Pablo Maestri, CEO at IM2 Solar, stated, "we are committed to our partner Enel Green Power is continuing to contribute to the development of NCRE, through solar energy with these projects, and these parks are just the beginning of a long-term relationship between the two companies."

To optimize energy production, the five wind farms under construction will incorporate bifacial panels with monitoring (Trackers), cutting-edge technology in this field, since it allows greater efficiency in capturing solar radiation when using both sides of the panel.

When all the plants are connected, their operations will supply more than 72,000 homes per year, benefiting around 312,000 people, and avoiding the emission of more than 1,760,000 tons of CO2 during their life cycle. San Camilo, Dadinco, Piduco, and Caracoles are supplying 27,000 homes a year in the Maule and Ñuble Regions.


It is a multinational corporation established in Spain in 2003 and connected with Latin America in 2014 in a venture with a Chilean partner, Pablo Maestri. Its work focuses on engineering, development, construction, operation, and maintenance of photovoltaic solar energy projects.

They work with a team of young professionals constantly researching and developing to carry out the best turnkey projects.

They are leaders in the PMGD segment, continually establishing the best alliances to continue exploring new technologies such as Green Hydrogen and all solutions that make for a cleaner planet.

The IM2 Solar Group also has two complementary companies, Greentech and Solargia, dedicated to the maintenance and cleaning of the plants.

They are entering the Latin American markets of Colombia, Peru, and Argentina.


Enel Green Power Chile is the country's primary generator of non-conventional renewable energy through the operation of a diversified technological portfolio that includes wind, photovoltaic, hydraulic, and geothermal energy. Its portfolio comprises 24 plants with a combined installed capacity exceeding 1.8 GW of clean energy. It is divided into 14 solar parks, seven wind farms, two hydroelectric plants, and the first geothermal operation in Latin America with the Cerro Pabellón project, located in the Atacama Desert in the Antofagasta region.