Enel Green Power and IM2 Solar making headway with new solar parks

Published on Thursday, 11 November 2021

  • With two solar plants already connected to the grid and four at different stages of construction, both companies are making speedy progress in completing the first stage of their working agreement to develop Small Distributed Generation Means (PMGD) plants with 76 MW of installed capacity.


Santiago, November 11, 2021- Chile's largest renewable energy generator Enel Green Power Chile and IM2 Solar Chile, a leading multinational in the Small Distributed Generation Means (PMGD) segment, have begun construction of two new solar parks as part of an agreement signed in 2020. Together, the companies will build 10 PMGD's in the Valparaíso and Ñuble regions generating 76 MW of renewable energy capacity, which will be added to the National Energy Grid.

The new plants under construction are Rinconada de Alcones, located in the O'Higgins Region, and La Colonia in the Metropolitan Region, both with 10.5 MW of installed capacity each.

"At Enel Green Power we are proud to be able to continue making solid steps forward in this partnership to build and operate Small Distributed Generation Means generators in different regions. As a leading renewable energy company in Chile, we appreciate the value of solar and other energy sources and the contribution they make to decarbonization and the transition to sustainable generation," said Andrés Assar, Renewable Business Development Coordinator of Enel Green Power Chile.

According to Pablo Maestri, CEO of IM2 Solar, "Chile has huge potential to develop renewable energy, particularly solar photovoltaic, due to the high number of peak sun hours it has. At IM2 Solar, we are very happy to continue to develop this relationship with Enel Green Power as a strategic partner, extending it to a second, even more ambitious, challenging and long-term agreement."

In order to optimize energy production, the new plants will be built according to Enel Green Power's "Utility" standard, which includes the use of bifacial panels, cutting-edge technology that enables greater efficiency in capturing solar radiation.

The Rinconada de Alcones, La Colonia and other future projects will be built to high design standards, using methodologies such as "trackers," a system that increases power generation periods as they follow the sun during the day.

Once the six plants are interconnected, they will jointly provide energy to more than 30,000 homes per year, benefiting around 121,000 people and reducing emissions by more than 78,000 tons of CO2 during their useful lives.

The first two plants to be connected and put into operation were San Camilo and Dadinco, producing 3 MW of power each in the Maule and Ñuble regions respectively. Next, construction began of the Caracoles and Piduco plants, both located in the Maule region.


IM2 Solar is a Spanish multinational founded in 2003, specializing in engineering, development, construction, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic solar energy projects.

The company entered Latin America in 2014 through its Chilean partner, Pablo Maestri, and works with a team of young professionals, who are constantly researching and developing the best turnkey projects.

IM2 Solar is a leader in the PMGD segment and is continuously partnering with other companies to explore the potential of introducing new, more environmentally sustainable, technologies, such as green hydrogen.

The IM2 Solar Group has two complementary sister companies, Greentech and Solargia, which maintain and clean the plants. The group is making inroads into the Latin American markets of Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Bolivia.

About EGP Chile:

Enel Green Power Chile is the country's leading non-conventional renewable electric energy generator that deploys a broad range of wind, photovoltaic, hydro and geothermal power technologies. Its portfolio consists of 24 plants with a combined installed capacity exceeding 1.8 GW of clean energy. This capacity is spread over 14 solar parks, seven wind farms, two hydro plants and Cerro Pabellón, Latin America's first geothermal plant in operation in the Atacama Desert.