Public Declaration

Published on Thursday, 17 June 2021

Since June 14, a number of companies have been blocking access to both the operational site and that under construction putting our collaborators' safety at risk and affecting continuity of the operations. The companies involved include those that have worked with subcontractors of the main project to develop Finis Terrae 1 and Finis Terrae 2 as well as other companies that have not participated in our projects.

We categorically reject this type of violent demonstration and, in particular, direct threats to the safety of on-site workers.

As a company, we continue to honor the contractual agreements and payments of all contractors linked to both projects. We have been in permanent contact with the main contractors and attempted to mediate between them and their subcontractors to help them settle the outstanding debt that their service providers claim they are owed.

However, despite numerous meetings and interventions by Enel, the main contractors have not been able to reach an agreement and resolve the conflict. In addition, the protesters have added fresh demands regarding projects that are unrelated to Enel.

We regret this situation and hope to soon see an end to the violent blockage of access to our plants which threatens operational continuity and the safety of our collaborators.