Enel Green Power Chile begins construction of its new wind farm in the Araucanía Region

Published on Tuesday, 16 June 2020

  • The Renaico II project will have a total installed capacity of 144 MW in the commune of the same name.


Renaico, Araucanía Region, June 16, 2020 – Enel Green Power Chile, a subsidiary of Enel Chile, has begun construction work on its new Renaico II wind power plant in the commune of Renaico in the Araucanía Region. The new plant consists of two parks: Las Viñas with 58.5 MW and Puelche, with 85.5 MW, reaching a total installed capacity of 144 MW.

With a total investment of 177 million dollars, Renaico II will encompass 32 wind turbines. Note that aerial generators with hub heights of 130 meters and blades of 75 meters will be used, all state-of-the-art equipment in terms of wind generation that allows greater efficiency in capturing the wind.

In full operation, the plant will generate approximately 516 GWh annually, which equals the power supply of 230 thousand Chilean homes and, avoiding emitting 382,000 tons of CO2.

James Lee Stancampiano, General Manager of Enel Green Power Chile stated: "We are proud to lead the current Chilean energy transition to increasingly clean and efficient conditions. Today, given the challenges of the ongoing health emergency, we have made significant efforts.  We are convinced of the benefits it entails for all our stakeholders. This new wind plant joins the five other projects under construction (4 solar and one geothermal), which complement our diversified matrix in renewable technologies".

The construction expects to take 12 months, with the employment of approximately 400 workers, reaching full production by June 2021.

Among the project's logistical challenges, the transportation of wind turbines from the Lirquén and Coronel ports to Renaico is one of them. At a distance of approximately 113 kilometers on land, transporting material to the site becomes a significant trial, in addition to having to carry them out under strict safety protocols.

Considering all the challenges the current pandemic poses, the construction of Renaico II is on track under strict health protocols. All protocols comply with necessary protection regulations for internal and external staff, including social distancing measures, shiftwork and, mandatory use personal protective gear.

Renaico II is a renewable project in a portfolio that aims to add 2GW of installed capacity by 2022. Over 50% of said capacity is already under construction.