The largest urban tree-planting project in Latin America achieves 100% of its goal

Published on Wednesday, 20 December 2023

Quillota Respira Frente al Cambio Climático
  • “Quillota Breathes Against Climate Change,” a unique initiative driven by the Illustrious Municipality of Quillota, Enel, and Duoc UC Valparaíso Campus, successfully concluded its journey by planting the 100,000th tree in Quillota's Plaza de Armas.


Quillota, December 20, 2023 - Having met one hundred percent of its goal, Quillota Breathes Against Climate Change has successfully completed its implementation, positioning itself as the most significant urban tree-planting project in Latin America. It achieved this goal by planting one tree for each inhabitant of the Quillota community since 2018.

In an effort to mitigate the various problems caused by global warming, this emblematic and innovative project looked to enhance the quality of life for Quillota residents by creating more green spaces throughout the city.

“This project fills us with pride, joy, and gratitude. Quillota has set an example for our country, Latin America, and the world. Today, we planted the 100,000th tree for Quillota Breathes Against Climate Change, a program through which, over the past five years, we planted one tree per city inhabitant. Now we need to continue working with the community to the maintain planted species,” stated Quillota Mayor, Óscar Calderón.

The successful completion of this significant environmental initiative is the result of collaboration among the public, private, and academic sectors, it sets a relevant precedent for the development of similar actions, and leaves an important legacy for the future generations in Quillota.

“At Enel, thanks to the operation of the San Isidro plant, we are active members of the Quillota community. Today, we are proud to have been an active part of this project, an enormous tripartite commitment between the private, public, and academic sectors. Through this project, we have not only helped mitigate the adverse effects of rising temperatures caused by Climate Change, but we are also providing better living and development conditions for Quillota residents,” says Montserrat Palomar, Manager of Sustainability and Community Relations at Enel Chile.

The 100,000 trees planted in Quillota, which are native and low water consumption species, will not only beautify the city but also play a vital role in mitigating the impacts of climate change. For instance, they will improve air quality and help regulate temperatures, among other benefits.

Velko Petric, Economic and Management Vice-Rector of Duoc UC, notes: “We recently received carbon footprint certification from the Ministry of Environment, and within that commitment, based on the technical-professional world and in our role as Duoc UC and the Valparaíso campus, we reaffirm our commitment to caring for the environment and our connection with the surroundings and the living conditions of the Quillota community.”

The implementation of this project benefits the city of Quillota and contributes to global efforts to reduce carbon emissions, preserving our planet for future generations.