Quintero students participate in innovative education program focused on STEM and gender equity

Published on Friday, 4 August 2023

  • The initiative developed by Lab4U and promoted by ENEL will include a series of activities and experiments specially designed to bring students and teachers closer to the processes and challenges of the energy industry.
  • The program uses practical experiences applicable to real life in order to motivate the future leaders of the field of science.


Quintero, August 3, 2023 - Lab4U, the leading platform in science education through the use of smartphones and tablets has joined forced with ENEL, a leading company in the energy sector, to develop an innovative education program that looks to inspire and motivate students in the field of science, piquing their interest in STEM careers (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), the use of technology tools in teaching and learning with a focus on gender equity.

The program was launched at the Don Orione School in Quintero, which was the educational community selected as a program beneficiary. The activity was led by female scientist and founder of Lab4U, Komal Dadlani, who led a conversation alongside Enel professionals, including Sustainability and Community Relations Manager, Monserrat Palomar, and Enel Chile Sustainability Specialist, Claudia Escalera, and included exercises in experimentation for female students to explore some concepts in a more hands-on manner.

“At Enel, we want to increase the representation of women within our industry and promote equity, strengthen shared responsibility, and inspire future generations of girls and young women to enter STEM professions. This program allows us to keep moving in that direction, training new talent in collaboration and with a regional focus,” says Monserrat Palomar, Sustainability and Community Relations Manager for Enel Chile.

Both companies are convinced that experimenting is the key to acquiring knowledge in the area of STEM and 21st-century skills. With this initiative, they look to revolutionize the way we teach and learn in order to encourage newer generations to become leaders in our country’s top industries.

The program is aimed at giving them a closer look at the processes and challenges of the energy industry, generating sustainable practices that can be applied to real life, and participants can learn through the Lab4U apps, turning their mobile devices into a pocket-sized laboratory. Meanwhile, their teachers have the support of the Professional Learning Community (CPA), who offer training and mentoring to change the way science is taught, addressing topics such as scientific skills development at the high school level, using concrete examples for developing these skills in the classroom.

They can also participate in the “BrandedLab” experience, practical spaces offering activities such as “Efficient Race” which describes the movement of an object using the law of conservation of mechanical energy, and “Lights, Camera... Save!” to analyze a residential electrical circuit in relation to energy, power, and energy efficiency.

Gender equity focus

According to the UN, by the year 2050, 75% of jobs will be related to STEM topics. However, only 16% of students choose to study STEM professions, which means that if this trend continues, we will be unable to meet the industry’s demand. In fact, of that 16%, on 15% are women who go into STEM professions, and in Chile, only 7% of undergraduate students in STEM programs are women.

For this reason, the program looks to bridge the gender gap in the area of STEM. Through inspiring talks by female leaders in the energy industry, different ENEL collaborators will share their experiences and achievements, proving that women can be successful leaders in fields traditionally dominated by men. These encounters hope to empower and motivate girls to consider STEM careers and break with deeply rooted gender stereotypes in science and technology.

“The world is experiencing a rapid technology transformation, driven by digitalization, the expansion of AI, and other emerging technologies, which is why it is essential to prepare a workforce trained in science and other STEM professions in order to address the challenges before us. In this line, we really value the commitment of companies who believe that together we can empower students and revolutionize the way they learn about science, especially girls, so that we can encourage them to explore skills that will allow them, their communities, and the country to achieve a more equitable and prosperous future,” concludes Komal Dadlani, CEO of Lab4U.