Enel Generación Chile and Alto Biobío Municipality sign collaboration agreement until 2030

Published on Thursday, 10 November 2022

  • This agreement gives continuity to the cooperation and joint work both institutions have been carrying out since 2016, focusing on territorial development in areas such as education, housing, drinking water, and cultural promotion.


Alto Biobío, November 10, 2022- To continue its work of territorial development and growth where Enel Generación operates, the company has signed a new collaboration agreement with the illustrious Municipality of Alto Biobío. Its primary focus is to give continuity to the joint work, particularly education, housing, and access to energy and water acceptable for human consumption.

“We are proud to sign a new agreement with the municipality of Alto Biobío. This milestone marks the renewal of a long-term relationship between our company and local authorities. Our aim has always been to continue designing initiatives for community growth and all people living here", said James Lee Stancampiano, Enel Generación's general manager, adding that "Alto Biobío is a rich territory full of opportunities. As a company with an important presence, we want to be active in its development, especially concerning its inhabitants' quality of life and opportunities".

For his part, the mayor of Alto Biobío, Nivaldo Piñaleo Llaulén, assured that he is "Happy and grateful. This agreement focuses on essential basic needs not yet covered in the territory. We aim to create great projects and development issues but with identity. I am happy today with Enel and James, who I have known for a long time. This person has not changed since I met him, giving us precious confidence for our territorial work. The latter is also important when discussing our company's closeness with indigenous communities, whose support allows us to continue developing projects".

Initiatives promoted through this agreement seek to implement activities that contribute to the well-being and development of the community and its inhabitants. Those projects will align with the strategy of Enel Chile and its subsidiaries, with sustainability as a fundamental pillar.

"Through this new relationship with the Municipality of Alto Biobío, Enel Generación seeks to complement what the company has already developed in the territory. We aim to create shared value, where sustainability is a fundamental pillar, and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals guide us to implement various projects to strengthen community growth," said Montserrat Palomar, Sustainability Manager of Enel Chile.

During the agreement term, a technical committee, formed by municipal and Enel Chile representatives, will work together to monitor initiatives, make decisions and ensure compliance with the joint objectives.