The Rosa Medel Scholarship lecture series concludes successfully

Published on Thursday, 1 September 2022

  • The initiative, led by Enel Generación's Sustainability team and executed by Fundación Ciencia Impacta, consisted of six lectures focused on enabling the Rosa Medel Scholarship recipients to acquire knowledge and tools that favor their learning skills from a neuroscience and gender perspective.
  • The Rosa Medel Scholarship is a collaboration program that seeks to strengthen human capital, through actions in the area of education, for children (young people) members of families who were part of Enel's resettlement process in Coronel.


Coronel, September 1, 2022. With the presentation of the sixth lecture entitled "Breaking Glass Ceilings," Enel Generación and Fundación Ciencia Impacta concluded the cycle of meetings held in person and remotely for scholarship holders of the Rosa Medel Scholarship.

The event had the participation of 50 young people and another 70 connected virtually. Jennifer Alfaro, a member of the Fundación Ciencia Impacta team, led the event. Also participating as panelists during the meeting, Krasna Pereira, responsible for Sustainability at Enel in Coronel, and Monica Zarini, president of Asociación Sembra.

"As Enel, we are convinced that collaborating in the development of future generations is extremely relevant for the country and the growth of the territories. That's why we promote initiatives like this”, said Antonella Pellegrini, Sustainability Manager of Enel Chile. "The Rosa Medel Scholarship, in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goal number four (Quality Education), was created to collaborate with the educational continuity of younger people from resettled families who wish to continue their studies at a higher level. It is a contribution to continue cultivating their talents, aspirations, and passions".The Rosa Medel Scholarship has 157 scholarship recipients between the ages of 18 and 44, of which 90 are women and 67 men. Most beneficiaries live mainly in the Coronel neighborhoods of Doña Isidora, Nuevo Esfuerzo, La Peña, and Huertos Familiares and primarily study professions in Engineering, Social Sciences, Health, Administration, Commerce, and Education.

For Fernanda Soto, 19, a first-year student of Network Telecommunications at the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, who found out about the scholarship through an aunt, this was "an opportunity that I could not pass up. It is amazing support because higher education costs can be challenging." The young woman added, "I found the workshops interesting because they touched on topics such as feminism. In high school and college, I was surrounded by many men, and when I did my internship, I was in a very masculine environment. People don't believe me when I tell them I will climb a ladder and install fiber optics. They are surprised. I want to show that I also know and that I am in what I am passionate about".

It is important to note that the Rosa Medel scholarship contributes to Enel's Human Capital Livelihood Restoration Plan and seeks to strengthen human capital, through actions in the area of education, with children and now young people from the families of the resettlement in Coronel. In its only version, it granted a total amount of $700,000 to each scholarship recipient, supporting the financing of their higher education, university, or professional technical studies.