After the Bocamina plant takeover Enel Generación comments on its responsibilities regarding its responsibilities with workers' claims

Published on Thursday, 14 April 2022

Coronel, April 14, 2022 - Bocamina power plant's operations continue paralyzed as a result of the takeover by hired workers. This situation causes a lack of power generation to the national electricity system, with 350 MW out of production, equivalent to the supply of 1,260,000 homes per month, and risks to the integrity of the plant's workers and its facilities.

We are working with the Government to create a Fair Transition Strategy (Estrategia de Transición Justa) where all roles and duties of those involved are clear. In the 2021 strategy established by the Ministry of Energy, the State seeks to promote employment, labor intermediation, training, hiring, and local entrepreneurship incentives. Failure to meet this commitment represents a missed opportunity for a healthy and fair coal plant closure process.

“As Enel Generación, we have sought to generate spaces for dialogue to address company issues. However, we consider violent actions do not constitute a condition for a constructive dialogue. We request the contractors and authorities to find solutions to end the blockade and seizure of this important power plant in a difficult context for the national electricity system", said James Lee Stancampiano, Enel Generación’s general manager.

Hired workers have four specific demands. The first focuses on health care, something the contracting company already manages. The Epidemiological Surveillance Plans include workers' medical and economic coverage, including the appropriate health follow-up, depending on their specific functions in their respective workplaces while operating with contracting companies and the Occupational Accident and Occupational Disease Insurance agencies. The second claim refers to the improvement of labor competencies, an area in which a training and education program will be active as of April 30. The third point is job relocation, consistent with new national investments and future public analysis development. On the fourth point, regarding compensation, we believe that this is a point whose solution should be evaluated in the ministries' agenda.

Enel has taken responsibility for the relocation and definition of exceptional retirement plans for its employees.