Melón begins 100% renewables energy use in its operations

Published on Tuesday, 23 February 2021

  • Thanks to an electric power supply contract with Enel Generación, Melón will begin to operate with energy from 100% clean sources in all of its cement plants.
  • As of today, Melón power consumption will receive the green seal from I-REC (International Renewable Energy Certificates), a guarantee of origin recognized worldwide.


Santiago, February 22, 2021. Melón and Enel Generación signed a contract for the supply of 100% clean energy from renewable sources, to four of their operations: the La Calera cement manufacturing plant, the Ventanas cement manufacturing plant, the Puerto Montt cement manufacturing plant and the San Bernardo aggregates production plant. With this, all of the current cement plants under operation incorporate the supply of non-conventional renewable energy (NCRE) in their operations.

“Our commitment towards the sustainability of our operations is permanent. We have state-of-the-art technologies, we work together with our transport agents in programs to reduce the logistics impact and for energy efficiency, and we have a solid co-processing strategy for the use of alternative fuels and raw materials. Today we are glad to take a new step to begin using renewable energies, as a concrete and effective example of our concern towards contributing to the environmental improvement of the locations where we operate,” emphasized Iván Marinado, the CEO of Cemento Melón.

The agreement, signed today, will run until 2043 and includes the possibility of expanding the reception of energy from renewable sources, such as wind, solar, geothermal, or hydraulic, to more Melón operations centers in the future. All of these energy sources are part of Enel's parent company and are certified by an independent organization.

“Enel, by means of these certifications, supports its customers in meeting their strategic objectives, such as having operations that are increasingly sustainable and friendly in respect to their community and environmental surroundings,” stated Humberto Espejo, Manager of Trading and Comercialization, Enel Generación.


I-REC (International Renewable Energy Certificates) is the green seal delivered by Enel Generación. It is a certificate certifying that 100% of the energy consumed has been injected into the National Electric System (SEN) by renewable power generation sources.

The certification delivered by Enel Generación under the I-REC standard is a worldwide recognized guarantee of origin. I-RECs are accepted in sustainability protocols, thus supporting the industry in meeting its environmental goals.


Melón’s coverage includes more than 45 plants and is present throughout the national territory with its cement, concrete, and aggregates divisions, with innovative high-quality products and services aimed at the construction business.

Thanks to their trajectory and to the excellence of their product, they have built emblematic works in our country, such as the port of San Antonio, the Entel Tower, the National Stadium, the Costanera Norte highway, and the Titanium building, just to name a few.