Enel Generación Chile provides neighborhood development infrastructure for Coronel community

Published on Thursday, 8 July 2021

  • Through a virtual event called "Coronel: Transitando con Sostenibilidad" (Coronel: Moving with Sustainability), the company inaugurated four neighborhood infrastructures, which include headquarters and a sports facility in the municipality of Coronel.
  • The initiatives, located in the Cerro Obligado and Huertos Familiares sectors, were developed in conjunction with the community's own neighborhood leaders.


Coronel, July 8, 2021. Enel Generación Chile has handed over and inaugurated four infrastructure facilities in the Coronel municipality as part of its commitment to the community where the company operates the Central Bocamina power station. The installations are for recreation and community development and meetings. They include offices and a sports area for residents of the Cerro Obligado and Huertos Familiares sectors.

In the event "Coronel: Transitando con Sostenibilidad" (Coronel: Moving with Sustainability) a virtual tour was conducted through each of the inaugurated facilities: the Eco-Sede and Eco-Parque de los Sentidos in Cerro Obligado and the Sports Center and Neighborhood Headquarters in Huertos Familiares. In addition, the company presented details about the work that went into creating the mural "History and Identity of Coronel." This artistic project that was developed in conjunction with the Coronel community, was designed to beautify the surroundings of the Bocamina power station and is the largest work of its kind in the country, covering 3,500 mt2.

"At Enel Generación we understand how important it is for companies to support community development. That is why today we are happy and proud to handover these infrastructure facilities where Coronel residents can hold meetings and engage in recreational activities. We are particularly proud of the fact that the community itself was involved in building these centers as part of a framework of constant dialogue and understanding with our company," said Krasna Pereira, sustainability head for Enel in Coronel.

The community development infrastructures were materialized as part of the Fair Energy Transition process which the company is developing. Central Bocamina is scheduled to be closed and decommissioned in May of next year with the cessation of operations of Unit 2 of the plant, almost 20 years ahead of schedule. This will make Enel the first electric power company in Chile to stop using coal for power generation.

"These infrastructures will have a very important impact on the community, because they will be used by our children, young people and senior citizens. In addition, they are common areas where we can all participate in projects that benefit our community. We have all dreamed of having spaces of this type and today they are ready to use thanks to the work done with Enel Generación," said Guadalupe Prieto, leader of the Huertos Familiares Neighborhood Council.

It is estimated that the newly inaugurated meeting rooms, recreational facilities and community development buildings will help to improve the quality of life of close to 7,000 inhabitants in the area.

The amenities at Eco-Parque de los Sentidos and Eco Sede in Cerro Obligado were designed and built according to the concept of bio-construction, which consists of seeking maximum energy efficiency from lighting, heating and ventilation. Both spaces were implemented thanks to the work of the Cerro Obligado neighborhood leaders, who were trained by Enel Generación in bio-construction and eco-carpentry. They learned to use recycled and other ecological materials for the construction of these infrastructures, such as pallets, fishing nets, straw and mud, both for the structure and for the furniture of the buildings.

All of the community spaces inaugurated are part of an infrastructure and social equipment implementation plan that Enel Generación has been developing in the area for the last four years. The plan aims to complete about 40 social infrastructures for the Coronel community and boost the local economy by funding entrepreneurial ideas.