Enel Generación opens applications to Coronel artisanal fishing development grant fund

Published on Monday, 2 November 2020

  • The initiative seeks to strengthen projects linked to improving small and medium-scale companies connected with and/or owned by the fisherfolk of Coronel.
  • The grant fund will be open to applications at www.fondoscoronel.cl, with a deadline on November 15.


Coronel, November 2, 2020 – Development and strengthening of the local economy has formed one of the core working areas of Enel Generación Chile in the country, so, in a bid to further this goal, the company has launched the application process for this grant fund to enhance small and medium-scale businesses linked to artisanal fishing in Coronel.

The initiative, opening with the launch of two funds each valued at 600 million pesos for 2019 and 2020, is designed to strengthen the economic backdrop centered on small and medium-scale businesses linked to artisanal fishing in Coronel - and ongoing area of collaboration and commitment for Enel Generación Chile.

“This fund is part of Enel’s strategy that puts communities at the center of its work, in this particular case seeking to strengthen the local economy through the development of ideas and projects from members of the artisanal fishing unions, with which we agreed this work area in late-2019, providing support and value added for their initiatives,” said Krasna Pereira, head of Sustainability and Community Relations in Coronel for Enel Generación Chile.

The Enel Artisanal Fishing Development Grand Fund is part of the work agreed in late-2019, with 20 artisanal fishing unions. Another part of this agreement that is already underway constitutes the implementation or improvement of social infrastructure for each of the unions, to which end Enel invested over 1.4 billion pesos early this year.

Thus, with applications for different projects, the fund will enhance artisanal fishing ventures with grants ranging from 550,000 pesos up to a maximum of 2,500,000 pesos, for infrastructure linked to economic development, equipment, or conversion of fishing ventures to other sectors. Applications will be accepted from people working in areas linked to artisanal fishing, including cooks, fish smokers, shellfish preparation personnel, and fish filleters. Particular emphasis will be placed on opening up production development opportunities in an inclusive manner.

The fund has a call center for questions and to provide remote guidance for applicants:

+569 3934 2954.