Enel Generación Chile launches grant funds for local fishing entrepreneurs in Coronel

Published on Tuesday, 7 July 2020

  • The initiative is aimed at strengthening projects tied to improving small and medium-sized entities in the Coronel local fishing industry or their reconversion to other lines of business.
  • The terms and conditions for applying to these contestable funds will soon be released by the company through its digital communication channels, and a website will be created to receive applications.


Coronel, July 7, 2020 – For the purpose of continuing collaboration in the development and strengthening of the local economy, Enel Generación Chile will offer grant funds to help improve small and medium-sized entities Coronel local fishing industry.

The initiative, which is in its initial phase, consists of launching two funds worth 600 million pesos each, for the years 2019 and 2020 and is designed to strengthen the economic fabric related to small and medium-sized entities from the fishing sector of Coronel, and with which Enel Generación Chile has been in ongoing collaboration.

“This is a fund that is fully dedicated to this sector, a tool to focus efforts on local development, an effective measure for collaborating with the local fishing industry with which we have a long-standing relationship and which we consider central to be at the heart of the Coronel economy. With this initiative we also want to fulfill the agreements made with 21 fishermen's trade unions at the end of last year,” says Krasna Pereira, head of Sustainability and Community Relations in Coronel for Enel Generación Chile.

The Grant Fund is one line within the agreement established in late 2019 with 21 local fishermen’s trade unions. Another line of this agreement is already being carried out, which consists of generating or improving the social infrastructure for each union, where Enel invested over 1.4 billion pesos earlier this year.

In this way, and through different project applications, the fund will help strengthen local fishing businesses with funds ranging from 500,000 pesos to a maximum of 7,000,000 pesos, for infrastructure related to the economic development, equipment or reconversion of fishing entrepreneurships to another line of business.