Enel Generación resumes Bocamina ash landfill operation

Published on Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Coronel, May 07, 2019.-   At 5:20 pm this afternoon the head of Enel Generación Chile’s Bocamina thermoelectric plant, signed the act that authorizes the reopening of the plant’s ash dump, closed by a Coronel municipal decree on April 26. In this way, it complied with the “not to innovate” order that the Court of Appeals of Concepción dictated a week ago and ratified yesterday.

"With the reopening of the ash dump, the municipality of Coronel finally complied with the court’s resolution, which will allow our company to resume normal operations. For several weeks we have had to seek alternatives in order to continue with the productive process, and to ensure the supply of electricity for the country, but, unfortunately, we have suffered delays in the works that are part of the landfill closure plan," explained Michele Siciliano, Enel Generación Chile’s thermal generation manager.

The Bocamina landfill operates with all the environmental permits required by current regulations. In October 2018 Enel Generación Chile announced environmental improvements for the Closure and Environmental Recovery Plan for the plant’s ash dump, with the aim of raising its parameters, in line with what has been developed at the plant. This plan has the authorizations of the corresponding institutions and is already underway. A large part of the ashes are also delivered to third party companies for reuse, gradually minimizing their disposal in the dump.