Copa Enel returns to the field for the Colo-Colo vs. Universidad Católica classic

Published on Wednesday, 5 October 2022

  • After two years of going remote due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year, the Copa Enel will once again be played in person.
  • The kickoff for the 21st edition of Chile's most influential children's soccer tournament took place at the beginning of the Colo-Colo vs. Universidad Católica classic match during Week 26 of the national soccer season.


Santiago, October 5, 2022 – Within the context of its 21st edition and the Week 26 match between Colo-Colo and Universidad Católica at Estadio Monumental, organizers kicked off the Copa Enel (Enel Cup, in English), the country's oldest and most significant children's soccer tournament. After two years of going remote, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, the game is back with a vengeance in its in-person format.

“The Copa Enel turns 21, and our company is proud to support it as part of our commitment to the community. We have witnessed the enthusiasm and motivation of over 140,000 participating boys and girls all these years. It fills us with pride to know that many go on to do big things like playing in the Chilean professional soccer league,” explains Víctor Tavera, CEO of Enel Distribución.

Participation includes a total of 136 boy and girl teams, composed of players between the ages of 12 and 15. Tournament games During October and November will be played in the Metropolitan Region and other regions across the country, including the cities of Calama, Colbún and Concepción.

“We celebrate our return to the field because, for 21 years, this tournament has remained the most important of its kind in Chile. It is essential to continue the Copa Enel because this tournament marks and has marked the start of the soccer career for many players, some of whom now play on men's and women's professional teams in Chile and abroad. On the other hand, and more significantly, we are proud to continue sponsoring this important project. It not only allows many families to develop their sports skills but also reinforces values among the children who play year after year," says Iván Zamorano, ambassador for the Copa Enel.

Sustainability takes the field

Because of Enel's ongoing commitment to caring for the planet, Copa Enel's latest edition places Sustainability at its core, in line with the company's commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), specifically No. 13 Climate Action, aimed at taking urgent action to combat the effects of climate change.

Therefore, with the tournament's 21st anniversary, we wanted to address the plastic and clothing waste currently affecting our planet. In this context, we brought together the two areas to develop an ongoing and innovative initiative to make the teams’ uniforms from recycled plastic bottles using PET technology. In doing so, the initiative prevents a large amount of plastic waste and gives new use to discarded bottles.

The uniforms are made with state-of-the-art technology across each of the processes, with fabrics made from 100% recycled plastic bottle fibers, but which also offer the same features as high-performance sports clothing like breathability, quick dry, and UV protection.