Enel Distribución presents plan for trees near power grids

Published on Thursday, 19 May 2022

  • The project aims to clear vegetation near power lines to avoid possible incidents caused by falling trees or large branches.
  • In collaboration with different municipalities in our concession area, the company will clear almost 2,560 kilometers of medium and low voltage networks.


Santiago, May 19, 2022. Enel Distribución and Enel Transmisión carry out their Tree Management Plan as part of the annual maintenance activities to prevent incidents resulting from falling tree branches on the high, medium, and low voltage networks.

This morning in the municipality of Independencia, Enel Distribución presented to the Superintendency of Electricity and Fuels (SEC) its planned strategy in preparation for winter.

The event's purpose was to explain the importance of preventive initiatives conducted annually in coordination with our concession area's 33 municipalities.

“When heavy vegetation grows near our power grids, that, combined with wind and rain, may result in branches falling and may affect supply continuity. Therefore, our preventive plan is essential to reduce risks, especially in winter, and thus ensure service for our users,” said Víctor Tavera, general manager of Enel Distribución.

Enel Distribución's clearing this year includes 2,560 kilometers of medium and low voltage networks. Enel Transmisión's clearing, on the other hand, consists of 776 kilometers of high voltage network. All in all, trimming works include 91,773 medium and low voltage areas and 4,526 high voltage areas.

Our process requires evaluating tree conditions near the power grid before deciding our course of action. Enel Distribución periodically carries out tree maintenance throughout the year, in stages, in cycles, and regularly, always using appropriate techniques that protect the health of the species. Our crews are trained to work respecting all safety measures that these jobs require.