We launch “Revoluz100”, a multimedia website that traces the history of electric energy in Santiago

Published on Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Within the framework of Enel Distribution's 100th anniversary:

  • The country's first platform to transform the last century of history into a real virtual tour.
  • This project is an initiative of Enel Distribución with ProCultura, under the cultural donations law, with the support of the Ministry of Education and the National Cultural Heritage Service.
  • The website revoluz100.cl is available starting today for the whole community. There will be a live talk show about the project at 7:30 pm on Revoluz100's Instagram.


Santiago, November 30, 2021 – Enel Distribución celebrated its 100th-anniversary delivering electricity to millions of families in the Metropolitan Region, becoming a key player in the modernization process of Santiago. Within the framework of its centenary, it wanted to give the community a gift that would last over time: "Revoluz100", a cultural and educational project consisting of a multimedia website that covers the last century of history. The project shows how life has changed in practically all spheres, from daily to the most ethereal.

The project is an Enel Distribución initiative provided by the Cultural Donations Law, and carried out thanks to the work of the ProCultura Foundation, and sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the National Cultural Heritage Service.

This initiative, which will allow a virtual journey through the history of electric energy in Santiago, will be made available to the entire community for school education and information on the electric system's role in the city's development.

“Our idea is to make a contribution that will endure over time, providing immense value to the community, mainly to students, who will be able to visualize, in an attractive way, the progress of the city over time. For this reason, we hope that it will become an important source of information and educational content. We want to raise awareness of the importance and transcendence that the distribution of electric energy has meant for Chile in this century and the future.”, said Ramón Castañeda, Enel Distribución’s general manager.

Through Revoluz100, it will be possible to travel, playfully and attractively, through the city's progress over time, illustrating citizen’s everyday life transformations, from the daily areas to the most ethereal ones. More than 170 different stories are told through photographs, videos, interviews, sound files, animations, infographics, and immersive texts, available free of charge to the public.

The site also includes a selection of almost 20,000 photographs from the early 20th century, restored from the Enel Distribución Archive and also from university collections, the National Historical Museum, the National Library, the National Aeronautical Museum, the Chilean Chamber of Construction, Metro, and private collectors, among others. In addition, there are films of high historical value from the Cineteca Nacional and audiovisual material from the last century.

“Revoluz100 shows the importance of industrial heritage in the development of communities, as it tells how people's lives changed with the arrival of electricity. New generations need to know this history. Therefore the website's narrative and multimedia resources are developed in such a way that children, young people, and teachers can have an immersive experience with the content.”, said Alberto Larraín, executive director of Fundación ProCultura.

Thanks to Enel Distribución and ProCultura Foundation, Revoluz100 is an excellent contribution to rescue and distribute invaluable heritage material, also opening a space to forecast the next hundred years of electric energy.

Strategic partners in this project are the National Cultural Heritage Service, the National Library, the National Historical Museum, the National Film Library, the Santiago Metro, and the Gabriela Mistral Foundation Inc., which provided graphic and audiovisual material of great value to the educational communities. In addition, Revoluz100 collaborates with more than 30 public and private institutions that contributed with photographs and audiovisual pieces, which allowed the reconstruction of the last 100 years from a new perspective, taking advantage of all the possibilities offered by digital technology.


As of November 30, it will be possible to access the website: www.revoluz100.cl

Live Launch:

At 7:30 pm there will be a live launch through Revoluz100 Instagram with the participation of Ramón Castañeda, general manager of Enel Distribución, Alberto Larraín, executive director of Fundación ProCultura, and Claudio Mendoza, general editor of the project.