Enel Distribución offers bonus to customers affected by prolonged supply interruption due to extraordinary weather event

Published on Friday, 5 February 2021

Santiago, February 5, 2021 - Enel Distribución understands the inconvenience suffered by some of our customers left without electricity for many hours in the past few days.  Due to the unusual weather conditions of heavy rain last weekend, Enel Distribución wants to grant a one-time, unique, and voluntary bonus to its customers affected by prolonged supply interruptions.

The weather event caused power outages that affected a small portion of customers located in scattered sectors within our concession area. Although Enel Distribución resolved incidents quickly, the extent and geographical dispersion of affected areas complicated some cases. Although the company implemented a preventive plan with reinforcements for field operations, the restoration of service took longer than expected in specific cases.

Enel Distribución regrets the inconvenience experienced by its customers and informs that in addition to the compensation established by law applied automatically, we will grant a one-time, unique, and voluntary bonus to its customers affected by prolonged supply interruptions.

According to billing cycles, we will deliver compensation to each customer who has suffered an interruption of more than 24 hours and it will show in the February or March bill. It will be progressive according to the following:

For customers with power outages for more than one day, the bonus will be $5,000; more than one and a half days, $10,000; for more than two days, $15,000; and two and a half days or more, $25,000.

Enel Distribución serves 33 municipalities of the Metropolitan Region.

Enel Distribución is the main electricity distributor in the country, with close to 2 million customers. Its concession area is 2,069 km2, covering 33 municipalities located exclusively in the Metropolitan Region: Cerrillos, Cerro Navia, Conchalí, Estación Central, Independencia, La Cisterna, La Florida, La Granja, La Reina, Las Condes, Lo Espejo, Lo Prado, Macul, Maipú, Ñuñoa, Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Peñalolén, Pudahuel, Quinta Normal, Recoleta, Renca, San Joaquín, San Joaquín and San Miguel, San Ramón, Vitacura, Santiago, Providencia, Huechuraba, Quilicura, Lo Barnechea, Colina, Lampa and Til Til.