With a unique light show Enel Distribución illuminates the Metropolitan Park to celebrate 100 years of electric power history in Santiago

Published on Friday, 10 December 2021

  • Through different lighting techniques, Enel Distribución and Parquemet joined forces to playfully display how the city and its inhabitants have changed over time and the necessary energy transformations that enabled Santiago's process of urban modernization.
  • With limited capacity due to the pandemic, the initiative opened to the community via tickets through our website enel.cl and Parquemet's social media. It will last three days with scheduled visits and comply with all safety protocols.


Santiago December 10, 2021- As part of the activities that Enel Distribución is carrying out for its 100th anniversary, it presented "100 years of light" in Santiago's Metropolitan Park, where a unique light show traces the history and evolution of electric energy over the last century.

During its anniversary, the company made contributions to the community, mainly focused on school education. The first was the Enel Electricity Museum, for all those who want to learn about the history of electricity and its future projections; the second, Revoluz100, the first educational and cultural platform in the country that transforms the last century of history into a real virtual tour.

Yesterday was the turn of "100 years of light", an original and unprecedented event in the country. Through different lighting techniques, the show aims to playfully display how the city and its inhabitants have changed over time and the necessary energy transformations that enabled Santiago's process of urban modernization.

The initiative, which covered around 700 meters, used low-consumption LED technology. It combined various techniques and technological resources such as holograms, architectural light projections on the park's natural surroundings, screens, robotic spotlights, a surround sound system, pixel tubes, pointillist-style lighting areas, tunnels, kinetic spheres, fluorine scenery, laser equipment, and ultraviolet light effects, among others.

“In these 100 years, we have been privileged witnesses and protagonists of the city's progress and growth. We build the future and a sustainable environment today, and electrification will be vital in building history for future generations. The city will continue to transform in the years to come, and our company will support that transformation by leading the process. With this open-air initiative, we wanted to playfully display a part of the city's history”, said Ramón Castañeda, Enel Distribución’s general manager.

In turn, the director of Parquemet, Martín Andrade, added that "this activity together with Enel supports the work that we carry out from Parquemet and its Urban Parks Network, a space that provides happiness, culture and sports free of charge for all the inhabitants of the capital."

To travel through the 100 years of Enel Distribución is to travel through the capital's history and inhabitants. It is 100 years of contribution to the city's progress and quality of life, showing changes in the most diverse fields of action. These transformations provided the necessary energy to drive the capital's urban development process.

Electricity Museum and "Revoluz100"

The Victoria building where the Enel Electricity Museum is located was built in 1909, which has a long history and played a significant strategic role in Santiago's electric power distribution system during the twentieth century.

The Victoria substation was critical to the electricity supply for the city's modernization process, contributing with energy for public lighting and the first electric streetcars left from the building next to the Enel Electricity Museum.

The museum shows the different changes Santiago has experienced over the last 100 years, displaying transformations and the decisive role that electricity has played in this process, together with the contributions of thousands of citizens and anonymous workers in the history of urban modernization.

Revoluz100 is a cultural and educational project consisting of a multimedia website covering the last century of history, showing how life has changed in practically all spheres, from the most mundane to the most ethereal.

The project is an Enel Distribución initiative with the vital contribution of the Cultural Donations Law, carried out thanks to the work of the ProCultura Foundation, and sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the National Cultural Heritage Service.

This initiative, which for the first time will allow a virtual journey through the history of electricity in Santiago, contributed to school education and shared with the community the critical role the electric system had on the city's development.

The website www.revoluz100.cl  is available to the entire community.