Enel Distribución presents safe christmas campaign providing recommendations to avoid accidents with electricity

For the 2020 season

Published on Wednesday, 9 December 2020

  • Last year, calls to Enel Distribución about electricity related accidents involving Christmas decorations increased by 2%


Santiago, December 9, 2020 - Enel Distribución has launched its traditional festive campaign "Safe Christmas 2020" accompanied by a real-life demonstration of the risks people expose themselves to as a result of improper handling of Christmas decorations. In addition, the company provided a series of recommendations aimed at avoiding electrical accidents during the holiday season.

Attending the activity that took place at the company's premises today were Fernando Fredes, head of the SEC Coordination Unit of the Metropolitan Region; Rodrigo Tagle, corporate general manager of Coaniquem; María Teresa Cienfuegos, president of the Red Cross; Gabriel Huerta, Santiago Fire Department Chief, and Ramón Castañeda, General Manager of Enel Distribución.

“We call on everyone to take care of themselves so they safely enjoy the end of year holidays. For a long time, we have recommended best practices and provided advice to the general population so that their families take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents when decorating their homes at Christmas. Using or installing uncertified products with neither the experience nor the appropriate safety equipment can increase the risks of electrocution and fires and jeopardize the community's electricity supply, explained Ramón Castañeda, general manager of Enel Distribución.

In December 2019, Enel Distribución received 212 calls about accidents resulting from electricity overloads inside homes. That year saw a 2% rise in fires compared to 2018 as a result. This demonstrated a lower awareness of the risks associated with tampering with Christmas decorations.

The "Safe Christmas" campaign seeks to provide the necessary information to reduce electricity-related accidents, risks of electrocution and fires inside homes that can be caused by using Christmas decorations, plugs, triple plugs, extension cords, light bulbs, garlands and others, without taking the necessary safeguards.

Using non-certified Christmas decorations - both inside and outside the home - in addition to causing possible electrocutions or fires, also endanger the community’s electricity supply especially when people are trying to hang garlands, use poles and power lines as support.

Some recommendations:

  1. Only buy lights that are certified by a body authorized by the Electricity and Fuels regulator (SEC). This ensures, you will light a Christmas tree with a safe product, which will not overheat or cause electrical problems that can lead to serious accidents.
  2. Buy garlands with thick cable. Those with thin cable tend to sever, crack or melt due to the electric current, and if you use the same ones from the previous year, make sure that the cables do not have cuts or cracks. Otherwise, discard them.
  3. Do not overload the electrical installation of the house with excessive Christmas decorations in order to avoid overheating the cables, lights and the tree.
  4. Avoid decorating trees in outdoor gardens, since these areas are usually watered and maintain humidity, which increases the probability of electrocution.
  5. Be careful with the use and installation of extension adapters. Not only is there the risk of overcharging, but also children and pets can become entangled and are at risk of electrocution.