Enel Chile introduces the "Integrated Offer" to accelerate the energy transition of the large industries in southern Chile

Published on Thursday, 4 July 2024

Oferta Integrada - Transición Energética
  • The subsidiaries Enel Generación and Enel X aim to expand the benefits of their Integrated Offer, which is based on energy supply contracts for free customers and complemented by a series of technological solutions for energy efficiency to be implemented in various industrial, commercial, and public institution production processes.


Concepción, July 4, 2024. The "Energy Solutions Models for Institutions and Companies" encounter, organized by Enel Group subsidiaries Enel Generación and Enel X, aims to accelerate the transition of various industries operating in southern Chile, including steel, fishing, aquaculture, forestry, agriculture, ports, and real estate. The event took place this morning at the Concepción Club in the capital city of the Biobío Region.

The meeting started with presentations by Mauro Ramírez, Manager of Free and Regulated Customers at Enel Generación, and Karla Zapata, CEO of Enel X. They spoke to executives from major companies in the region about the new "Integrated Offer" model, which allows electro-intensive industries and institutions to operate their production processes more efficiently and sustainably.

The Energy Efficiency Law for large consumers is currently a significant incentive for those transitioning towards technological conversion and the decarbonization of their operations. Meeting these objectives, which involve increased consumption electrification, is now possible thanks to implementing state-of-the-art technologies that guarantee significant savings and operational efficiencies for large companies.

Mauro Ramírez, Manager of Free and Regulated Customers at Enel Generación, stated, "We are certain that our integrated offer proposal is the best, most efficient, and most sustainable alternative in the market. Today, our generation matrix is increasingly cleaner, largely derived from renewable energy sources with certification of origin."

Meanwhile, Karla Zapata, CEO of Enel X, affirmed that "all companies and energy-intensive industries need not only solve their energy challenges and meet their decarbonization and sustainability goals but also have an opportunity to access green energy supply contracts. Additionally, they can incorporate energy efficiency solutions based on LED lighting, photovoltaic systems, electromobility, and infrastructure, all under the model of an integrated offer."

Furthermore, Andrés Navarrete, Asset Management Executive Director for BTG Pactual Chile, discussed how the current market is open to evaluating investment opportunities to accelerate the decarbonization and electrification processes of industries moving towards using clean energy.

Enel Generación and Enel X will reinforce their commercial branch in Concepción to provide technical and commercial advice to customers interested in leveraging the integrated offer's benefits. Specialists will guide these processes and recommend the innovations and solutions that best suit each project.