Enel Generación and Enel X seal deal with cruzados as an “Energy Partner” for the UC’s new stadium

Published on Thursday, 31 August 2023

Partner Energético del nuevo estadio de la UC
  • The new stadium of Universidad Católica will be the first in Chile to be powered by green energy. This will involve the production of energy within the facility itself through a solar plant incorporating a variety of solutions such as demand monitoring, electric vehicle charging devices, architectural lighting, and a renewed infrastructure to support the operation of a modern, sustainable, and 100% electric stadium.


Santiago, August 31, 2023.- The new Universidad Católica stadium will become the first 100% sustainable sports venue in the country, following the “Energy” agreement between the subsidiaries Enel Chile, Enel Generación, Enel X, and Cruzados S.A.

The alliance was signed this morning by the President of Cruzados, Juan Tagle, its CEO, Juan Pablo Pareja, the CEO of Enel Chile, Fabrizio Barderi, the CEO of Enel X, Karla Zapata, and the Trading and Sales Manager for Enel Generación, Alfredo Hott.

The agreement includes a contract for the supply of 100% renewable electricity and the integration of diverse solutions that will directly benefit the sporting event and its spectators. The goal is to transform the new venue into Chile's first sustainable stadium.

The new facilities will feature a self-generation plant for renewable energy, which will be able to fully cover 6 soccer matches per month. The remaining energy needs will be met through a contract for the supply of certified 100% renewable electricity, amounting to 2.4 GWh per year. This electricity will come from Enel Group's solar, wind, hydro, or geothermal plants. The contract will span 6 years, making it the first stadium in Chile to be powered by 100% clean energy.

“The project that Universidad Católica is undertaking in the construction of its new stadium is in line with how new developments in Chile should be conceived. With the signing of this new deal, the UC will be contributing to the national goal of carbon neutrality. To think about sustainable constructions, where materials are reused and the consumption of water and other natural resources is reduced, is to think about the future. We are currently facing a triple planetary crisis of pollution, climate change, and biodiversity loss. A significant way to address this is by rethinking architecture projects, public spaces, and infrastructure,” states Minister of the Environment, Maisa Rojas, who was present at the event.

The consumption of renewable energy, as part of the supply contract, will be equivalent to reducing approximately 1,700 tons of CO2, comparable to planting 97,600 trees, taking 565 cars off the road each year, or the CO2 emissions associated with the energy consumption of 319 houses.

“For the Enel Group, through its subsidiaries Enel Generación Chile and Enel X, it is an honor to partner with one of the most important sports institutions in the country, such as Universidad Católica, and to advance in energy efficiency and sustainability for such iconic venues as this new stadium. We are developing a unique energy project in Chile at the service of its sports,” says Fabrizio Barderi, CEO of Enel Chile.

“The signing of this alliance today with Enel and Enel X is excellent news for Universidad Católica and for all of our fans. “This is one more step forward in the dream of having a new and modern venue for our sports, but also for culture and entertainment. However, the most significant aspect is that joining forces with this leading company ensures that we will continue along the path of a sustainable project, reflecting our ongoing commitment to sustainability and the environment. Renewable and autonomous energy will be one of the main features of this project developed in collaboration with Enel and Enel X, our new energy partner,” stated Juan Tagle, President of Cruzados.

Enel X will implement a PV self-generation solar system that will produce 350MWh per year through 400 high-standard panels on the roof of the new stadium's cover. This will allow the sports facility to self-supply using this energy.

Additionally, a renewed electrical infrastructure will be installed that can support the operation of the new venue, along with electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The stadium will also feature an innovative architectural lighting system on the façade of the main building and real-time monitoring of the energy supply.

On the other hand, the new open customer contract with Enel Generación Chile, besides ensuring a supply of 100% renewable energy, also projects savings during the agreed-upon period compared to the regulated market.

The energy project for the new Universidad Católica Stadium is in addition to the lighting project for the National Stadium for the Pan American Games, as well as other sports lighting initiatives implemented by Enel X at Club Hípico de Santiago, Hipódromo Chile, Copa Davis Club de Tenis Unión in Viña del Mar, Chile ATP Open Santiago 250, among others.