Enel receives authorization to start commercial operation of the Domeyko Photovoltaic Farm

Published on Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Planta Fotovoltáica Domeyko

Antofagasta, 7th February of 2023. - The National Electricity Coordinator authorized the start of the Domeyko photovoltaic plant commercial operation located in the Atacama Desert in the Antofagasta Region. The solar park, which has an installed capacity of 204 MW, already delivers renewable energy to the National Electric System.

"Through this important milestone, we continue to incorporate more renewable capacity to our generation matrix, giving continuity to our development plan through which we seek to add 1.9 GW of new capacity by 2025," said Fabrizio Barderi, general manager of Enel Chile.

The operation of Domeyko will inject around 590 GWh annually into the National Electric System, avoiding the emission of more than 465 thousand tons of CO2 into the atmosphere and contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases. Thanks to the installed capacity and 100% renewable electricity generation of this photovoltaic park, it will be possible to supply energy to around 251 thousand Chilean homes.

The Domeyko solar farm is on an area of approximately 606 hectares. It includes the implementation of 472,590 bifacial polycrystalline photovoltaic modules and state-of-the-art technology in developing this type of renewable generation plant, which allows for greater efficiency in capturing solar radiation and, therefore, a higher production profile.