Teams from Concepción and Santiago advance to the Enel Cup final in 2022

Published on Friday, 16 December 2022

  • The teams of Taller Municipal Barrio Norte de Concepción and Lo Prado in the women's category and the representatives of Taller Municipal Concepción and Lo Prado in the men's category won their respective semifinal matches and are preparing to dispute the grand final of the Enel 2022 Cup tomorrow from 17:00 in the gymnasium of the Estadio Municipal Ester Roa.


Concepción, December 16, 2022. After four months of tough matches played in the regions of Antofagasta, Maule, Metropolitan, and Biobío, four teams emerged victorious from today's semifinal match.

The advancing teams, two from the women's and two men's teams from the Bio-Bío and Metropolitan regions, won places to fight for the Grand Final of the Enel Cup 2022.

"Nothing is left to know about the champions of both categories that will surely give a great sporting spectacle in each of their finals. It has been a long road for these boys and girls today. Thanks to their families, and even though they're exhausted, they managed to conquer the passage to the grand final of our beloved Enel Cup," said James Lee Stancampiano, general manager of Enel Generación Chile.

"The Enel Cup is 21 years old, and our company is proud to have promoted this initiative that reinforces our commitment to the community. During all these years, we have witnessed the enthusiasm and motivation of more than 150 thousand boys and girls who have participated in the country's most emblematic children's soccer tournament. We are proud that many of them, thanks to their talent and dedication, have had important achievements such as playing in professional teams", explained Victor Tavera, general manager of Enel Distribución.

Thus, the representatives of Taller Municipal Barrio Norte de Concepción will play the final against Lo Prado in the women's category. In contrast, in the men's category, Taller Municipal Concepción will play its respective match against Lo Prado, all seeking glory in the Grand Final of the Enel Cup 2022, to be held tomorrow in the gymnasium of the Estadio Municipal Ester Roa.

For the Iván Zamorano Foundation to have returned to the courts has been a great joy, even though during the two years of a pause due to the pandemic, we continued to instill sports practice through online workshops. The anxiety and enthusiasm of the children with the return have been noticeable in the call and the game. Hopefully, we will continue to instill values in the lives of these boys and girls that will help them to be better people and future professionals," said Erika Zamorano, executive director of the Iván Zamorano Foundation.

The boys and girls who win the Enel Cup 2022 will have the opportunity to travel to Italy with Iván Zamorano, tournament ambassador and former historic captain of the Chilean National Team. The trip includes visiting Milan, enjoying the classic of the Madonnina, touring Inter Milan's facilities, and playing friendly matches with the lower divisions of the Lombard team. They will then pass through Venice, ending the trip to Rome to get to know the city and return to Chile.