Enel Chile commits to reduce 64% of its direct CO2 emissions by 2023

Published on Thursday, 28 January 2021

  • With the disconnection of coal-fired units and the development of new renewable capacity, Enel Chile took another step forward in decarbonizing its energy matrix, contributing to meeting the Enel Group's goal plan to reduce direct CO2 emissions.
  • By assuming this commitment, Enel Chile became the first Chilean electricity company to establish a plan to reduce direct CO2 emissions in its generation operations and one of the first within the IPSA to consider and implement a project like this its strategy.


Santiago, January 28. Enel Chile continues to advance its strategy against climate change. In its Strategic Plan, the company projects to reduce 64% of its direct CO2 emissions by 2023, contrasted to its generation operations in 2017. Enel Chile's strives to have 90% of its total energy production CO2 free.

Enel Chile's commitment to reduce direct CO2 emissions comes with the plan to close all its coal-fired units. The company is also investing in renewable energy. By 2023, it will add 2.4 GW of installed capacity from renewable sources, whether wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric, of which more than 1.3 GW are currently under construction. 

"The fight against climate change is a significant and integral part of our strategy. Our objective of adding 2.4 GW of clean energy means increasing our renewable capacity, reaching 77% of our total installed capacity by 2023. Thus contributing to SDG 7 (Affordable and Non-Polluting Energy)", said Enel Chile's Chief Executive Officer, Paolo Pallotti. 

He added that "we continue with our plan to decontaminate the generation matrix and promote a more efficient and cleaner energy use. We lead this energy transition with determination and an adequate investment to make a difference in national environmental and social goals. Also, keeping our commitment to our shareholders".

Last December 31st , Unit 1 of the Bocamina complex was shutdown, three years before the deadline committed in the National Decarbonization Agreement. Unit 2 of the Bocamina power plant will cease operations in May 2022, 18 years before the stipulated deadline. Enel Chile will become the first electric company to stop operating coal-fired power plants for electricity generation in Chile. 

In addition to these decarbonization advances, Enel Chile also promotes decontamination of the final energy use in various sectors. Among them is the promotion of electric mobility through "ElectroRuta Enel X," which contemplates 1200 public charging points that will allow traveling more than 5000 kilometers from north to south of Chile, guaranteeing the autonomy and continuity of circulation of electric cars. Our involvement in the 150 new electric buses that entered the system last year is also worth mentioning. The latter is the third phase of our project to include electric mobility in public transport, a product of the alliance between Enel X, Metbus, and BYD, which already has 433 electric buses circulating in the Metropolitan Region.