Enel Chile donated the first 100% electric powered ambulances in Latin America to the Red Cross to help confront the coronavirus

Published on Tuesday, 12 May 2020

  • They are the first of their type in Latin America and will expand the capacity of the Red Cross to respond to emergencies.
  • Among the advantages of using these electric powered vehicles are the savings in operational costs and their contribution to environmental protection.


Santiago, May 12th, 2020 – Enel Chile donated the first two 100% electric-powered ambulances in Latin America, with their respective charging points, to the Red Cross. The new emergency vehicles will help to speed up the arrival of the health personal to high risk COVID-19 contagion communities requiring attention.

“This donation is part of a set of initiatives fostered by the company, aimed at supporting the most vulnerable population, solving health requirements to confront the COVID-19 emergency. We have a long-standing relationship with the Chilean Red Cross and we acknowledge the great work they do, and for that reason it is a source of satisfaction to be able to help them”, explained Herman Chadwick, Enel Chile’s President.

"This is, undoubtedly, very good news because it helps us to bring the benefits of electric-mobility to more people, especially when we are experiencing a pandemic unprecedented in world history and where our Ministry -together with the SEC- is working to ensure the electricity supply for critical sectors such as hospitals and doctor's offices. We are sure that the new ambulances will be a help, especially in the current situation, for the sectors that have been most affected by Covid-1,” explained Juan Carlos Jobet, Minister of Energy.

Each electric ambulance has an autonomy of 200 km. and in one year’s travel prevents issuing nearly 6 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.  The operational costs are 70% lower than those of conventional ambulances, with a cost per kilometer reaching approximately $30, versus $80 which is the cost per kilometer of a diesel equivalent.

The Red Cross personnel travelling in the electric ambulances will provide psychosocial and health support to the communities most affected by the spread of COVID-19, and may also take those people evidencing symptoms of the disease or health problems warranting it, to a health center.

"Thanks to Enel's permanent and exemplary support, the Chilean Red Cross now has two state-of-the-art electric ambulances that are totally environmentally-friendly, the first of their kind in Latin America, in order to carry out preventive health campaigns for homeless people and other high COVID-19 infection risk communities, being able to make a timely transfer to a health center in the event of evidencing symptoms of this or some other disease that warrants it", emphasized María Teresa Cienfuegos Ugarte, national president of the Chilean Red Cross.

The collaborative alliance between the Enel Group in Chile and the Chilean Red Cross has been going on for years, working together in preventive campaigns such as Volantin Seguro, first aid talks in schools and workshops in neighborhood councils, among others.

“We are experiencing a complex moment requiring everybody’s collaboration.  The donation of both of these 100% electric ambulances with their respective charging points is part of our commitment to contribute to overcoming this pandemic affecting the world and our country, incorporating electric mobility to health care, also contributing to the protection of the environment and the decontamination of the city”, explained Karla Zapata, Enel X Chile’s CEO.

This initiative falls within the framework of the “Elbow to Elbow” campaign, a set of measures fostered by the Enel Group in Chile, together with municipalities, hospitals, and organizations that dedicate their efforts to combat the pandemic on a daily basis, which translates into measures aimed at solving basic needs such as health and food.