Enel Chile announces initiatives for a billion pesos to support the most vulnerable population during the Coronavirus emergency

Published on Wednesday, 29 April 2020

  • The company launched the “Codo a Codo” (elbow- to-elbow) campaign that seeks to work together with the communities where it is necessary to solve urgent needs in health and nutrition.
  • The first package of measures includes the donation of the first 100% electric ambulances in the country to the Chilean Red Cross, as well as contributions to the Universidad Católica and two other public hospitals.


Santiago April 29, 2020-  With the aim of helping the most vulnerable population to cope with the emergency resulting from COVID-19, Enel Chile has presented the "Codo a Codo"  (elbow-to-elbow) campaign, a package of initiatives promoted jointly with municipalities, hospitals, and organizations that devote their efforts to fighting the pandemic on a daily basis. The fund includes one billion pesos and will be translated into measures aimed at solving basic needs such as health and food.

“Our campaign is part of the commitment we have with the communities where we are present. During this emergency we want to go to the aid of the people most in need. The support that we offer today is possible thanks to the long-term work that we have carried out with these communities and the closeness that we have with the organizations that are confronting the emergency,” explained Paolo Pallotti, Enel Chile’s CEO.

Among the first initiatives is the donation of two 100% electric ambulances to the Chilean Red Cross, the first in the country. The Company is committed to ensuring that both emergency vehicles and their chargers be operational in record time. The purpose of this is to streamline the arrival of emergency personnel where they are most needed and expand the institution's response capacity while taking advantage of the advantages of electric mobility such as savings in operating costs and contribution to environmental protection.

Another initiative is a donation to the Universidad Católica to finance the treatment of COVID-19 by creating a plasma bank from recovered patients. This bank allows treating patients hospitalized for COVID-19 with the use of plasma from those who have generated an effective immune response to the disease. As part of the agreement with Universidad Católica, an electric bus will be implemented as a mobile laboratory for taking samples.

The low complexity Tiltil Community Hospital currently has a capacity of 24 beds. With the donation of an ambulance, they will be able to expedite the transport of those more critical patients who need to be attended to urgently in the base hospital in Santiago.

The Hospital Clínico de la Universidad de Chile, country's main specialist training center, will also receive 150,000 masks and 4 units of monitoring equipment for the Intensive Care Unit.

In all regions and in Santiago, the company has strengthened links with the organizations, municipalities, and communities with which it constantly works, seeking to strengthen the defenses of the weakest sectors against this pandemic. This collaboration translates into food delivery to hundreds of families and personal protection equipment for volunteers and medical personnel, thus strengthening the pillars on which the management of this health contingency is based.

“We are living in an unprecedented moment, which requires the proactive participation of all. We are focused on those most exposed to this pandemic, acting together with the leading organizations and institutions, with whom we collaborate in the territories where we operate. We are also paying attention to the SMEs that we have helped to strengthen in recent years, understanding the central role they have in local economic development and in the sustenance of thousands of families, reinforcing or reconverting their scope in a period that requires being very resilient," said Antonella Pellegrini, Head of Sustainability for Enel Chile.