Final days of the “Da Vinci Experience”, the exhibit featuring the life and work of the italian genius, 500 years after his death

Published on Wednesday, 4 September 2019

  • The exhibition, organized by Enel and the Italian Embassy, will only be available at the Artequin Museum until Friday, September 6th.
  • Over 78 thousand visitors since its inauguration this past July 5th, making it the most successful exhibit in the Museum’s history.


Santiago, September 4, 2019 - The “Da Vinci Experience” ends this week, after nearly two months in Chile to commemorate 500 years since the death of Leonardo Da Vinci. Organized by Enel and the Italian Embassy, the exhibition was carried out by the Italian company, Crossmedia, under the curation of Roberta Barsanti, Director of the Leonardiano di Vinci Museum in the small Tuscan town where the Italian genius was born.

Chile was the second of five Latin American countries chosen to host the multimedia and immersion display. “Da Vinci Experience” -sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Chilean Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage- offers a tour of the life and work of the Italian artist. To date, over 78,000 people have visited the exhibition.

Originally scheduled until August 30th at the two exhibition sites: the Sala Pablo Neruda in the Quinta Normal Station and the Artequin Museum, the last site extended the exhibit for an extra week until Friday, September 6th. You can now find the entire display at the Artequin Museum, including the Immersion Zone, Machine Zone and the Virtual Reality Zone.

To round out this successful experience and sensorial voyage into the life and work of the Tuscan artist, the Artequin Museum has prepared a special offer that includes a final evening tour around the “Da Vinci Experience,” from 7:00 - 10:00 p.m. In addition to the guided tours, there will be a live DJ set. With the “Da Vinci Experience,” this year the Artequin Museum welcomed the most visitors ever in over 25 years.

At the Museum you can find:

  1. Immersion Zone: The core of the sensorial voyage. Here, the images are projected upon the floor and walls, at 360°, in a continuous 35-minute loop that narrates an unprecedented story, accompanied by a fascinating original soundtrack on surround sound.
  2. Machine Zone: The exhibit’s information graphics and video installations are enhanced by ten life-size models of the Leonardo da Vinci machines. These were meticulously reproduced by Italian art experts from the OMPSI Association (in Italian, Artigiani Umbri dell’Associazione OMPSI) based on Da Vinci’s original designs.
  3. Virtual Reality Zone: Through four virtual reality stations the Da Vinci VR Experience application allows visitors to enter the Tank, designed by Leonardo, to interact with its mechanisms, to navigate the Rowboat and to fly high above the magnificent Renaissance-day Florence in an Air Propeller and Ornithopter.

Leonardo da Vinci represents the height of the Renaissance, considered the golden age of Italian culture. Throughout his life, Leonardo was a painter, architect, sculptor, urban planner, engineer, poet, anatomist, musician and much more. After his death, his art became legendary, and he became a universal symbol of human genius.

As a traveling exhibit, the “Da Vinci Experience” will continue its Latin American tour in Colombia, Argentina and Brazil.