Iván Zamorano travels to Italy along with Independencia teams, champions of the 2018 Enel Cup, who will be facing Inter of Milan

Published on Thursday, 18 October 2018

  • The champions of the 2018 Enel Cup, in Italy, will be facing the Under 13 team of the Inter of Milan, a shirt also worn once by Ivan Zamorano and Gary Medel.
  • On Sunday, October 21st, the children will attend, along with Ivan Zamorano, to the game between Inter and A.C. Milan.


Santiago, October 18, 2018 – Along with the former captain of the Chilean national team and Real Madrid and Inter striker, Ivan Zamorano, the Independencia teams, champions of the 2018 Enel Cup, left today for Italy with the illusion of defeating the Under 13 and Under 15 teams of the Lombard club.

The 2108 Enel Cup champions, both men’s and women’s, will compete in Italy for the Integration Cup, where they will be facing the Under 13 and Under 15 teams of the Inter of Milan, respectively, a shirt worn once also by Ivan Zamorano, David Pizarro and Gary Medel, among others.

As well, on Sunday, October 21st, the children shall be attending, along with Ivan Zamorano, to one of the most important classic games in Europe, Inter vs. Milan at the Giuseppe Meazza mythical stadium.

Enel Cup, cradle of professional football players

Among the more than 100 thousand boys and girls that have competed for the Enel Cup during its 17 year lifetime, there are those that have found in this competition a platform towards starting a sports career at a professional level.

As of today, the boys and girls who have participated in the championship have become Chilean team members, Olympic medalists, professional players, and hundreds of them play in the lower divisions of the most important clubs of the country.  Among them, the following stand out:


Current Club

Jeison Vargas

Montreal Impact

Pablo Aranguiz

Unión Española

Marcelo Allende


Jaime Carreño

Universidad Católica

Carlos Lobos

Universidad Católica

Zederick Vega


Branco Provoste

Colo Colo

Sebastián Valencia

Colo Colo

Nicolás Guerra

Universidad de Chile

Camilo Moya

San Luis

Francisco Valdés

Colo Colo Sub - 17

Luis Urrutia

Colo Colo Sub - 17

Martin Pastene

Colo Colo Sub - 14

Jordhy Thompson

Colo Colo Sub - 14

Javier Melendez

Colo Colo Sub - 15

Valentina Díaz

Colo Colo

Catalina Moris

Universidad de Chile

Antonia Canales

Universidad Católica

Fernanda Pinilla

Universidad de Chile

Michelle Olivares

Universidad de Chile

Emilia Pastrian

Santiago Morning

Sonya Keefe

Boston College

Constanza Barrientos

Colo Colo


The Enel Cup Spirit

Though this tournament – created and organized by Enel Distribucion -, with the support of the Ivan Zamorano Foundation, the Ministry of Sports, SENDA and UNICEF – the company’s social work has been extended to the 33 communes in which it distributes electric power in the Metropolitan Region.