Quintero Grant Funds

Published on Monday, 18 March 2019

What are the Quintero Grant Funds?

The Grant Funds are an initiative implemented by GNL Quintero which have been made available to the community for 11 years. The resources are earmarked to finance small projects with direct impact on the residents of the district. These projects are created and executed by various organizations. In these years that the Fund has been offered, it has been possible to finance 420 projects with an investment that exceeds 467 million pesos, benefiting more than 190 organizations for the realization of their initiatives. The areas of interest have been diverse, the most relevant being: sports, culture, environmental education, renewable energy, and urban spaces.

The construction of solar water heaters in different areas of Loncura and Quintero; a canine sterilization and vaccination program; a social surf workshop that is open permanently; the recovery of a vacant lot that was used as a micro-dump, transforming it into a small plaza; the installation of solar-operated LED street lights in different parts of the district; the implementation of dozens of sports clubs in the district; the electrification of public spaces with photovoltaic energy; are some projects presented by the community and supported by the Quintero Grant Funds.

 Each year the process begins with a summons and an initial workshop. Then the organizations are voluntarily integrated into an individual counseling process, providing support to the formulation of projects representing solutions for diverse needs that arise in the community. All awarded projects are subsequently supported by a multidisciplinary team of professionals in its implementation, final evaluation, and closure.

 Since 2016, the company, ENEL Generación, has joined this fertile and significant work as a new strategic partner with the community. The incorporation of this large national company to the Grant Fund has allowed doubling the amount of resources to finance projects each year.

Among the novelties of the 201 Summons, is the launching of a new line of investment, called "Quintero’s Stars" Supporting Talent, aimed at individuals or groups of people with outstanding careers in the field of Arts, Humanities, Sports or Sciences; so that they can strengthen their activities, and represent Quintero nationally or internationally.

Who can apply for the Quintero Grant Funds?

All community, functional, and territorial non-profit organizations belonging to the Quintero district, that have been running for at least 6 months, and can confirm their validity and registry, shall be able to apply to the Grant Funds.

As of the 2019 Summons natural persons or individuals may also apply, in the case of the Talent Support Line, according to the formalities established in the Special Bases.

What type of Funds can be applied for?

  1. There is a Sponsorship Fund to which initiatives seeking funding of up to $500,000 can be applied for.
  2. There is a Development Fund to which initiatives seeking funding of more than $500,000 and less than $3,000,000 can be applied for.
  3. There is an Impact Project Fund to which initiatives seeking financing of more than $3,000,000 and up to $6,000,000 can be applied for.


What are the financing lines of the Quintero Grant Funds?

To apply for the Sponsorship, Development, and Impact Projects Funds, the project must be related to any of the following Financing Lines:

  1. Sports, culture, and education: For this line of financing, the maximum amount to be financed per project is $3,000,000.-
  2. Environment and Renewable Energies: projects and/or activities programs shall be financed in the indicated areas, which result from a diagnosis and provide socially and economically profitable solutions to a specific environmental and/or energy problem of a community or a group of people. For this line of financing, the maximum amount a project can apply for is $6,000,000.-
  3. Infrastructure and Public Spaces: The line includes initiatives aimed at the design or execution of projects in these areas, in order to improve an existing space, or to build new facilities for an organization or a community. In the case of project design, the maximum financing will amount to $3,000,000, and in the case of the execution phase, the maximum financing to be granted will be $6,000,000.
  4. Minor equipping: The maximum amount to finance an equipping project will amount to $1,000,000.-
  5. Health, Safety, and Civil Protection: The maximum amount to be financed in projects of this line is $3,000,000.-
  6. Support to the "Quintero Stars" Talent: as of 2019, there will be an Open Window, so that individuals with outstanding careers in the field of sports, humanities, arts, or sciences; can apply for a financial contribution to enhance their respective activities. The maximum financing to be delivered in this new modality will be $2,000,000.-


What are the key dates of the 2019 Summons?

Summons: Monday, March 18, 2019 / Initial Workshop: Casa Estación – 5:45 pm.

Inscription: From March 18 to April 12, 2019

Individual Consulting (voluntary): Thursdays, 21/03, 28/03, 04/04, and 11/04. From 10:00 am to 1:00 pm., Quintero Rotary Club (Avda. Normandie 2002, 2nd floor, Quintero).

Application Deadline: Friday, April 12, at 2:00 pm

How can I get the bases, the form, and the instructions to apply?

The team will have application folders in the Initial Workshop and in the Individual Consulting sessions that are scheduled, which will be available to interested organizations.

They can also be downloaded from the website of GNL Quintero or here:

Should you require additional information, send an email to: fondos.concursables@gnlquintero.com or fondosconcursables.quintero@gmail.com. You can also call the cell phones: +569 9 627 9675 – +569 8 340 4737.