Corporate Reorganization - Enel Distribución Chile

The Board of Directors of Chilectra S.A. is exploring a possible corporate reorganization under the terms of the documents that are presented in this section. As already reported to the market, the aim of the reorganization is to create value for all its shareholders. 

This proposal is currently under analysis, as the boards of directors from the affected companies have not yet expressed their opinions in respect thereof. Among other conditions, the proposal is subject to approval by the respective extraordinary shareholders’ meetings, according to the legally stipulated majorities. Furthermore, administrative authorizations of varying natures could be needed, which would have to be requested in due course. Chilectra cannot guarantee nor assume responsibility for not obtaining these authorizations and approvals. Unless applicable legislation were to stipulate otherwise, the responsibility of Chilectra for the present page must in any case be understood as limited to the authenticity of the public documents presented herein, with no ensuing liability for these companies pertaining to the analyses or valuations that may be freely done thereof by each visitor to this page. This documentation does not constitute nor form part of an offer of purchase or sale, nor a request for an offer of purchase or sale, of the securities issued by Chilectra, nor of other securities, neither in Chile nor in the United States of America, nor in any other jurisdiction.

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