Enel X plans to install unique lighting technology in Latin America for the Club Hípico de Santiago racetrack

Published on Tuesday, 6 September 2022

  • The project will launch in its first stage during the classic "El Ensayo," including a virtually managed lighting replacement with the latest LED technology, positioning the traditional equestrian sports venue as a sustainability and energy efficiency pioneer.


Santiago, September 6, 2022.- With 478 new LED technology luminaires, Enel X will replace the lighting of the Club Hípico de Santiago race tracks. Thus, incorporating efficient, sustainable, and better-quality lighting technology will contribute to a better sporting spectacle for the attendees and lovers of the national equestrian sport.

Representatives signing the energy alliance agreement included Carlos Heller, Club Hípico's Board of Directors Chairman, and Enel X General Manager Karla Zapata.

The project's implementation, which will be presented in its first stage on October 31 for the "El Ensayo" Classic, will allow fans to live an immersive experience through a new control system to manage the efficiency of the lighting fixtures. Its modern management system, operated remotely, gives way to a type of light show unprecedented in Chilean horse racing, allowing energy savings between races.

Accompanying this milestone, Enel X debuted with the name of the seventh race held at the Club Hípico de Santiago, ran at a distance of 1,600 meters on the grass track, which was won by the horse "Sos Ídola," ridden by jockey Luis Torres.

"Enel X is proud to advance in the energy efficiency of such emblematic venues as the Club Hípico de Santiago, developing a unique project in Latin America through the latest lighting systems. We will implement world-class innovation and technology in the service of the show and equestrian fans, but also sustainably and efficiently.", afirmó Karla Zapata, Enel X Chile’s General Manager.

Juan Pablo Lira, the Equestrian Club's General Manager, said that "there are 2,400 meters in which we will have first-class technology, with a sustainable character and the use of renewable energies. We want to be leaders in the national equestrian industry, generating experiences that put us at the forefront of technology and lighting in sports venues. Our club holds this project in high regard, so we have chosen Enel X as our energy partner to make it happen.

The Philips ArenaVision provides the lighting enhancement LED light projection system. It is an innovative lighting solution designed exclusively for sports and multi-purpose venues, which offers excellent light quality, efficient thermal management, and long life.

In this way, Club Hípico de Santiago, through Enel X's energy solutions, seeks to become a leader in designing national horse shows by implementing new efficient and sustainable technologies, which reaffirms its commitment to the community, its fans, and the environment.

About Enel X

Enel X is the global business line of the Enel Group, a world leader in developing innovative solutions and energy efficiency, seeking to drive the energy transition. Our projects focus on clients, companies, and administrations promoting electrification and digitalization as drivers of value creation.

About Club Hípico

Club Hípico is a racetrack located in the República neighborhood of Santiago, which since 1869 has provided a fundamental social meeting point for the city, representing entertainment and family life for decades. In addition, its facilities are part of Santiago's architectural and historical heritage, contributing to the sporting activity and the Creole culture rooted in equestrian activity.