Aiming to reduce its carbon footprint, Enel X implements a large-scale photovoltaic project at Hacienda Chacabuco

Published on Thursday, 26 May 2022

  • A renewable energy generation system of 108 kWp of power will provide renewable energy to a 2400 hectares condominium for 151MWh per year, ensuring the reliability and security of its electrical system.


Santiago, May 26, 2022 - Enel X implemented a large-scale project at Hacienda Chacabuco, consisting of photovoltaic panels and electrical infrastructure located in Colina at kilometer 41 of the Los Libertadores Highway. The property includes 2,400 hectares, 1,200 of which are destined for urbanization, while 1,200 will become an ecological reserve.

Enel X's initiative of photovoltaic panels and electrical infrastructure with a backup system focuses on improving energy efficiency and providing residents with renewable energy. "Energy-efficient real estate projects, such as Hacienda Chacabuco, have lower operational costs and establish an awareness of responsible and sustainable energy management use," said Claudio Candia, manager of business and industry at Enel X.

Reducing the carbon footprint is one of the real estate industry's main challenges. To this end, the Hacienda Chacabuco project will save approximately 63 tons of CO2 per year, equivalent to removing nine vehicles from circulation or planting 158 trees.

Nicolás Urrutia, general manager of Inmobiliaria Alcázar S.A., assures that "Chile's real estate sector is betting on implementing more environmentally friendly constructions, with renewable energies focused on providing more sustainable housing." Incorporating renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions in real estate projects will allow more people to access clean energy and live more consciously with the environment.

About Enel X

Enel X Global Retail is the Enel Group's global business line responsible for energy supply and efficiency, and a world leader in developing innovative solutions regarding the energy transition.

The agency also addresses consumers, businesses, and administrations through an integrated offer based on customer needs by promoting electrification and digitalization as drivers of new value creation. Enel X Global Retail manages demand response services with 6.7 GW of total capacity, has installed more than 2.8 million public lighting points worldwide, and provides energy services to 62 million residential customers daily. Enel X Global Retail's solution ecosystem includes electricity optimization and self-generation assets, premium energy efficiency solutions, and competitive and flexible energy offerings to help customers chart their energy roadmap.

About Inmobiliaria Alcazar S.A

With over 25 years of experience in the country, Inmobiliaria Alcazar has developed innovative real estate urban projects and housing mainly focused on the C2-C3 market. The group has created macro real estate projects, land-use changes, sanitary developments, and traditional housing and building construction projects, being a relevant actor in urban development and land sales in Chicureo and Chacabuco.

To date, Inmobiliaria Alcazar has participated in developing five mega real estate projects and has produced more than 20 projects with around 2,200 houses and apartments sold. In addition to the above, the developer sold more than 1,600 sites spread over ten 5,000 m2 urbanization projects. The real estate company focuses on evolving project development to improve its customer's quality of life and constant search for innovative construction solutions.