Enel Green Power Chile begins construction of the second stage of the Finis Terrae photovoltaic park

Published on Monday, 1 June 2020

  • The extension of the Finis Terrae photovoltaic park will increase the installed capacity of this plant by 126 MW.


Antofagasta, June 1st, 2020 – Enel Green Power Chile, a subsidiary of Enel Chile, began the construction of the extension of its Finis Terrae photovoltaic park, located in the María Elena district, in the Antofagasta Region. With this expansion, the plant that is already in operation will add 126 MW of power, so that, once u and running, it will reach 286 MW of installed power.

Currently the park has 668,160 photovoltaic panel, which can generate 400GWh per year. The Finis Terrae extension contemplates the addition of 315,900 bifacial photovoltaic modules, which, thanks to its greater capacity to capture solar radiation, will allow adding an annual generation of 389GWh, thus avoiding the emission of 288,000 tons of CO2.

 “This project is part of a portfolio of initiatives that seek to add 2 GW of renewable capacity in the next three years. We are convinced that the benefits of a cleaner and more sustainable matrix are important for the country and can set it as an example of a just energy transition. That is why it is urgent to streamline the authorization processes that are key to achieving this objective”, said James Lee Stancampiano, general manager of EGP Chile.

Once the extension of Finis Terrae is completed and its total operation, estimated for 2021, has started, the park will have 984,060 photovoltaic panels, mixing monofacial and bifacial technology, to achieve an annual production of 789 GWh, equivalent to the consumption of 369,000 Chilean households.

It is important to highlight that because of the clean generation of this plant based on solar energy; the emission of 584,000 tons of CO2 per year will be avoided, thus contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

During the execution of the works of its extension, an average of 182 people will participate per month and at the end, it will generate 12 jobs for the operation stage.