Quintero Contest Funds finance over 20 projects by organizations, Micros SEMEs, and outstanding athletes from the community

Published on Friday, 27 January 2023

Quintero, January 27, 2023 - A total of 24 social organizations from the town of Quintero received the 2022 Quintero Contest Funds, an initiative developed in collaboration with Enel Generación Chile and GNL Quintero and implemented with the help of Asociación Sembra (in English, the Seed Funds Association).

The program, carried out for the past 14 years, consisted of three lines of action: Social Organizations, Micro SMEs, and Excellence. It, directly and indirectly, benefits around 2,000 people from different organizations, such as neighborhood associations, sporting clubs, Firefighters, entrepreneurs, and outstanding athletes, among others.

"It is essential for us at Enel to make a relevant contribution to the development of the areas where we operate, and initiatives like this reinforce that commitment. We are also proud to witness the interest of the Quintero community residents in participating throughout the process. To see how, thanks to these funds, they continue to achieve their goals and generate value for their projects and startup companies," says Juan Francisco Leiva, Enel's Head of Sustainability and Community Relations for the Central Zone.

At this time, the funds will help bring initiatives to life that implement and promote renewable energies, protect the environment, and develop tourism, culture, and sports, in a process that includes ongoing advisory by both companies during the design and application phases.

Felipe Manriquez, Assistant Manager for Corporate Affairs at GNL Quintero, notes that "we are very pleased to have been able to come together at the in-person ceremony and get to know the organizations, entrepreneurs, and young people making a name for themselves in sports and the arts. We are very grateful for their enthusiasm and dedication to generating increasingly attractive ideas that help make Quintero more sustainable. Our commitment is to continue supporting their initiatives and challenges."

One of the projects is the Quintero Fire Department's proposal to build and transport a generator to better respond to catastrophes and emergencies to support the SAMU, police, and other neighboring communities.

With this version and an investment of around $50 million, the Quintero Contest Funds have allowed for the implementation of over 550 projects, with approximately $680 million invested in realizing the dreams of Quintero's social organizations.

Find the complete list of winners below:

Social Organizations:

  • Somos Foundation, “Workshop materials for the new generation of artists in Quintero.”
  • Puerto Mayor Sporting Club, “Solar-powered lighting for security zone 1.”
  • Polytechnical School of Quintero Parents’ Association, “Quintero Polytechnical School Learning Communities: Tutor Library.”
  • Albatros Rugby Sporting Club, “Sowing the seeds of the future with Albatros.”
  • Cobre ENAMI Sporting Association, “Creation of paintings and exhibition of Abyssal Art Workshops.”
  • AGRADIS Corporation, “’Our Space’ Workshops for Senior Citizens.”
  • Quintero Fire Department, “Relocation of backup generator.”
  • Quintero Wharf Union of Independent Small-Scale Fishermen, “Greater facility and workshop security.”
  • El Manzano Wharf of Quintero Union of Independent Small-Scale Fishermen, “Recovery and improvement of terrace.”
  • ARCA GROUP Foundation, “Expand to multiply.”
  • Quintero Center for Artisan Workshops, “Lighting of the center for artisan workshops for tourism.”
  • Wings and Skates Quintero Artistic Skating Club, “Wings and Skates Skating Club uniforms.”
  • El Rayo Sporting Club, “Implementation of entertainment for children’s series, as a motivational tool for sports development personal growth.”
  • Union of Independent Workers, Small-Scale Fishermen, Scuba Divers, and Merchants, "Outfitting of boat with scuba diving equipment for the management area."
  • Quintero Bay Professional Union of Port Workers, “La picá de los amarradores” (in English, the “Moorers’ restaurant”).


Micro SMEs:

  • Yasna Inostroza, “Sabor del Mar” (in English, Flavor of the Sea).
  • Constanza Lara, “Therapy garden in Rancho Kawell.”
  • Marlén Marín, “Somos Mar” (in English, We are the Sea).
  • Miguel Parga, “Tourist Information Desks for the Community.”



  • Antonella Araya, artistic skating, preselected for the January 2023 Open in Orlando.
  • Bastián Pinnola, competitive soccer, Santiago Wanderers Sporting Club.
  • Patricio Ayala, Master's Federation of Chile, is looking for financing to participate in national tournaments and purchase the necessary equipment.
  • Constanza Veas, artistic skating, vying for the National Championship title in the Cadets category.
  • Juanita Rodríguez, artistic skating, the project looks to purchase the necessary equipment for her different types of training.